What Have You Done to Let Others Know?

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Once again, sitting and listening to the sermon, it was like being struck by lightning. God.s word is speaking directly to me and to all Knights of Columbus. Bring the fire of faith to the earth, keep running in the race which lies ahead of us with perseverance, do not lose heart, and let others know the goodness of God! Our actions need to evangelize others!

What did you do outside the church this week to let others know you are a Catholic Christian? What did you do to let them know you are a Knight of Columbus? Did you let God guide you to be where He needs you to be this week? Embrace the challenges He puts before you, and count on your Brother Knights to help you along the way!

Some great programs have been happening around the state this summer: picnics, parade floats, appreciation dinners, food shelf collections, road clean-up, church ground upkeep, festivals, fundraisers, and more! What has your council done? What have you done? Did you wear your council shirt while you did it? Could they see the joy it gives you to be a Knight of Columbus?

Good things are happening throughout the Order worldwide, too. Some Supreme Convention highlights are included in this newsletter. Congratulations to the everyone on a year well finished and 2016-17 well-begun.
What will you do next week and the week after? Large or small, our actions matter. Go forth and let your actions evangelize! Vivat Jesus!

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