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Website Training

Please click here for help and some new videos and power point presentations on editing your council website.

New – Officer Training Webinars

Click here

Fraternal Training – Short Supreme Videos

Fraternal Training Library

Officers online – Candidate and Prospect tabs

           Who has access to what on Supreme’s Website?

Faith in Action Programs

Regional Training

For details of training offered by ARG&TD Jon Olson and others, please click here

What Officers Need to Know

PPT Download
PDF Download

COVID Recovery Program Webpage Walkthrough
COVID Recovery Program Guidebook Walkthrough
Completing Forms 185, 186 & 365
Completing Fraternal Programs Report Form (# 10784)
Beatification Resource Webpage Walkthrough
What is Online Membership
Online Join Process
Prospect Tab Training Video

Resource Links
COVID Recovery Program Guidebook
Guidelines for Council Meetings
Faith in Action Guidebook
Remote Programming Supplement

Webpage Links
For Members Webpage
COVID Recovery Program Webpage
FLA Archive –
Fraternal Leader Advisory Sign-Up Page
Fraternal Operations Webpage
Faith in Action Resource Webpage
Officers Online Login
Safe Environment
Awards & Recognition

There are many forms of training held throughout the year and around the state. This page will provide a starting point for any brothers looking to see what might be available.

For Council Leaders

Script for contacting Parishioners

Leave no Parishioner Behind

Quick Tips from Fraternal

Short videos on various topics:

Holding Virtual meetings

For information and advice on holding and attending virtual meetings click here

Financial Secretary Training

Here are some training files I use for you to download.

All you ever wanted to know about Financial Secretary Appointment and Evaluation

Recording of FS training Zoom meeting.


Online membership

Prospect Tab Walkthrough

Membership Application Walkthrough

Use of online Form 100

UPDATED Leadership Resources (#5093) Released Sept. 2020

Every fraternal leader should review the practical information contained in this updated handbook for council and district officers.



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