Pennies for Seminarians and Religious Scholarship Funds

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These funds are used for financial assistance to seminarians and those that are already committed to religious life.  The hope is that all councils in the state will find this as a convenient way to contribute to these worthy charities.  All seminarians in the state benefit from the Pennies Fund in one way or another.  The Scholarship Fund donations are distributed on request from the bishops.  They are primarily used for those in the religious life seeking further education.

Awards are given to councils that contribute $2.00 for each dues paying member.  The first time they qualify the council receives a plaque which has enough space for 12 years of award recognition.  Each year the council qualifies a date bar is awarded which is to be applied to the plaque.  After 12 years of receiving the award a new plaque is provided to the council.  The two funds have unique plaques and also separate donation listings.

How is the award determined?  It starts with a listing of all councils in the state with membership information received from the Supreme Office dated July 1 of the council year.  Using that list the qualifying number for each council is determined.  The total membership number listed has the inactive members and honorary life members subtracted leaving the number of dues paying members in the council.  That number is then multiplied by 2 to come up with the $2.00 per member requirement for the council.  A listing of all councils in the state and their required amount is generated and sent to all councils in the February time frame.  Contributions are recorded throughout the council year and awards are given to the District Deputies at the organizational meeting to be distributed to their councils.  Councils that don’t have a District Deputy representative at the meeting receive their award by mail.

Click here for this year’s numbers for qualifying.


Al Kempf

State Awards Co-Chair


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