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Following the launch of the Faith in Action program model, a new form has been created that will allow reporting for most of the Supreme-recommended programs. This new form will replace 24 individual report forms, streamlining the number of forms council officers are expected to use. The electronic form is available by clicking here.


  • Submit one report form per program.
  • This new form is an optional addition for any reporting on Featured Programs, Free Throw Championship, Soccer Challenge, Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, or Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest, which each have their own report forms that are required to be submitted.
  • Save copies of all report forms to assist with the completion of the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and the Columbian Award Application (#SP-7).
  • Use your Fraternal Leader Success Planner (#5033) to help document the number of programs, events, charitable hours, and distributions throughout the year.
  • When calculating service hours, remember that family members and volunteers assisting the Knights can be counted towards your totals.
  • Reporting should be done in whole numbers only – do not report fractions of hours or spare change.

Once you click on the “here” in the first paragraph of this page, you will see a screen that looks like this.  Fill in your membership number and last name on the form that opens up.

You then get a notice to check your email account that is registered with Supreme.

You will receive an email that looks like this.

When you click on the link in the email, you will see a form that looks like this.  Fill in the remaining information about your event.

Once you pick the program, you’ll see the page look like this.

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