February 2020 Supplement

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On February 11th, we celebrate the memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes Apparition.
One hundred and sixty-one years ago, Our Lady appeared to 13-year-old Bernadette
on her way to collect fire wood by the river with her two friends. Bernadette was
surprised by a strong sound that came from the grotto. Suddenly she saw Our Lady,
who asked her to pray the rosary. After she had finished praying the rosary, Our Lady
disappeared. Bernadette’s friends and mother didn’t believe her. She went back
the following Sunday, and Our Lady asked her to tell the priest to build a chapel.
The priest didn’t believe Bernadette. Our Lady also asked Bernadette to come and
pray for fifteen days. During those fifteen days, Our Lady appeared to Bernadette,
and at the last apparition, Our Lady asked her to “pray and make sacrifice for sinners.”
Bernadette faced many obstacles, but she was strengthened by what she had
experienced with Our Lady’s visits. She finally accomplished Our Lady’s wishes.
Nowadays, there are about 3 million people yearly who visit the Sanctuary from all
over the world. The spring water that started flowing on the ninth apparition still
provides 27,000 gallons of water every day.
The Holy Rosary has a special place in our Order. Our Lady of Lourdes is a good
reminder to make sacrifices and pray for sinners.
May Our Heavenly Mother continue blessing us and blessing our families. May she
continue to strengthen us with her power and help us to reach our everlasting home.

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