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This page is a resource for those wishing to attend training classes offered by our Regional Training Director Jon Olson.

We will attempt to keep it up to date, but if anyone notices out of date material here, please let us know.

Grand Knight 101 (overview)

I have been elected Grand Knight. Now what do I do? Meetings, Appointments, Star Councils, Growth, and many other things a Grand Knight has in front of him. How do I do it? This webinar will cover duties of a Grand Knight and keys to success that will help Grand Knights be the best they can be.

6/13/22 at 8PM CDT



Grand Knight 102 (Meetings and Protocol)

In this second segment of the Grand Knight series, we are covering Meetings and Protocol. A brief walk through on meeting and key things a Grand Knight should be doing in the meeting to make it worth the time of the member to attend it. We will also run through some Protocol that will help you with the why and what of the council.

6/15/22 at 8PM CDT




Grand Knight 103 (Forms, Advertising and Marketing)

In this third segment of the Grand Knight series, we are covering Forms, Advertising and Marketing. Who should fill out the forms? How the flow of money should go through the council. How we can take a form and make it a press release. How to market the Council better.

6/20/22 at 8PM CDT




Delta Drive

Come learn how to do the Delta Church drive method. this highly effective process of growth through communication will help you go from prospects to members and answer the why of growth. We talk about the difference between online membership and the online prospect form. How we can better communicate to the prospects and how to effectively offer positive attraction to them will be discussed.

For dates:

6/22/22 at 8PM CST




District Deputy Overview


My State Deputy just called; my Appointment as a District Deputy has been approved. Now what do I do? This presentation will help overview some of the things a District Deputy should be aware of. From simple duties to where can I get answers to local council questions. This under an hour presentation will give you a good first foot in the role as District Deputy.

6/27/22 at 8PM CDT




Council Officer Overview

The Leadership of the council is important to the success of it. Good leaders make good council and to pick good leaders we must first know what the responsibilities of each position. During the webinar we will cover the main responsibilities of each officer position. This will be an overview to help us select the next leaders for our next successful year.

6/28/22 at 8PM CDT

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