Regional Training Director Jon Olson

This page is a resource for those wishing to attend training classes offered by our Regional Training Director Jon Olson.

We will attempt to keep it up to date, but if anyone notices out of date material here, please let us know.

Delta Drive


Tuesday 7/20/21 at 7PM
Monday 7/26/21 at 6PM
Tuesday7/27/21at 6PM

The Delta Church Drive is a method of inviting other Catholics to learn more about the Knights of Columbus  in a soft impact way. Using the Prospect Form to let prospects get information on what the order does and make it easier for the council to communicate with them. We also cover how to order a Delta Kit and  what other items we may need to be successful in our church drives.

Council Growth


7/14/21 at 7PM
The presentation will help Fraternal leaders resolve to leave councils, parish, and community better than how they found it. Leader should also learn how to develop a simple, specific, year-round plan in place for growing council membership, that involves participation from the whole council. Attendees should commit to work with their pastor(s), field agent, and DD to accomplish their goals. Leaders should understand the importance of hosting regular ceremonials, incorporating recruitment into every event, and running membership drives

Enhancing Member Experience


 None planned for July … look for this in the future

We will cover in this training

Understand what’s meant by the terms membership experience and membership engagement and how the two terms are related.

Complete the Council Engagement Assessment to assess their council’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to member engagement.

Understand that member engagement is the council’s responsibility. Successful council engagement leads to members having positive opinions about their membership.

Learn the five steps in the engagement cycle and how they relate to one another, ultimately leading a member to go through them again.

Discover tools that will help address deficiencies in your council’s current member engagement as based on your councils engagement score.

Understand that retention issues result when a council has failed to engage a member and show the value of his membership. These issues can be overcome by discovering where this breakdown occurred.

You are your programs


None planned for July … look for this in the future

We will cover in this training

Understand the council’s perception by fellow parishioners, particularly that of inactive members and future potential members.

Construct a council mission statement that reflects the council’s vision and goals. u Understand the Faith in Action program model and its four categories – Faith, Family, Community and Life.

Identify the council’s flagship program(s).

Access the council’s current program regimen and identify the current strengths and weaknesses among its program calendar.

Develop a calendar for the next 6-12 months that responds to the council’s mission statement and addresses some of the council’s strengths and weaknesses identified above.

Understand the Program Director’s role in leading the council’s programming efforts.

Council Meetings




Strong councils hold good meetings that members enjoy. This training shares the best practices for hosting such meetings. In addition to guidance on how to run a good meeting, this training also provides guidance and discussion on virtual meetings and the conduct of business by virtual means.


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