Regional Membership Cup

To encourage recruitment across the state, we have decided to hold an annual competition between regions based on member intake assigned to councils.

A Regional Goal for intake was calculated by dividing the State Intake Goal of 1050 between the Regions, based on the percentage of membership in each region on July 1st, and the percentage of this goal will be calculated and published each month.

The “year” for the purposes of this competition will end on April 30th, so the winner can be announced at the State Convention. The prestigious “Regional Membership Cup” will be awarded to the winning Regional Membership Consultant, to be held for the following year, with an engraved plaque added each year. The winning region will also be rewarded with a party for the DDs and wives.

Monthly standings

July 31st

At this early stage Terry Meyer’s Region 9 is in the lead by a fraction …

August 31st

Once again Terry Meyer’s Region 9 is in the lead, but only by a nose over Denny Boecker’s Region 3, with Orville’s Region 8 coming up close behind!
(Mario’s Region 5 and Jeff’s Region 7 still to come out of the gate! :o)
Remember, these numbers only include those new members who have joined councils! There are about 80 emembers waiting in the wings to be included (some from prior to July 1st) !!
Watch this space!!
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