Putting on an Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity


Put a “Live” team together w/2-8 Team Members

(2 Team Members)

Rotate presenters with the non-speaking member doing the various animations

(4-8 Team Members)

Presiding Officer


(May be done by the Presiding Officer)

Presenter on Charity & Rosary

Presenter on Unity

Presenter on Fraternity


(May be done by non-speaking Presenter)

Investing Officer

(May be done by the local GK or DD)

Financial Secretary

(Greets and signs-in candidates)

Planning the Ceremony

  1. Meet with your council Chaplain or local Pastor.
  2. Select a date and secure a location.
  3. Acquire materials.
    • Download an Exemplification script (mnknights.org/exemplifications)
      • Print off copies for each Presenter
    • Candidate Kits (#531) from Supplies Online,
    • Crucifix w/corpus
    • Fibers and Rope (contact Ceremonial Director at truknightsfs@comcast.net)
    • Blessed Michael McGivney Prayer Cards (order from Supplies Online)
    • Ceremonial Baldrics (Preferred but optional)
    • Constitutional Roll (order from Supplies Online)
    • Pre-Tabbed Exemplification Binder (Create from downloaded script)
      • This saves each presenter from having to bring and then return there scripts as they present

4. Select an Honoree. (Optional) Inform the Honoree if applicable.

5. Promote.

    • Bulletin announcements
    • Pulpit announcements
    • Posting on your council and parish website / social media pages
  1. Plan a reception.

Setting up in a Chamber

  • Podium
  • Table for Fibers & Rope, Rosaries and Pins
  • Chairs for Presenters,
  • Chairs for candidates and Warden
  • Chairs for Observers and Dignitaries


Setting up in Church

  • Podium or Lectern
  • Table for Fibers & Rope, Rosaries and Pins
  • A pew for Presenters and Investing Officer
  • A pew or two for candidates and Warden
  • A pew for the Council Officers and Dignitaries

The Ceremony

Familiarize yourself with your presentation

Be comfortable with the wordage

Know when and how to do animation

  • Presenting the Crucifix
  • Snapping the rope
  • Presenting the Rosary and Emblem of the Order

In Church

Prefer to Seat the Families as they arrive.

Process the candidates in to start the ceremony

In Chambers

Allow Candidates to socialize with each other and the team before and after ceremony

Closing Prayer and Congratulations

Hand out Blessed McGivney cards and recite together

After The Ceremony

Introduce the Team and Observers

Have Highest Ranking officer speak (DD should always speak if present)

Have the Candidates introduce themselves

  • Why they are joining
  • Something about themselves

Introduce them to 4th degree

Challenge them to fulfill “Shining Armor” award

Let them know when and where you meet





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