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Mission Statement

The Minnesota Knights Foundation was created in 1990 to promote and secure the Catholic faith through the good works of local Knights and their councils. The interest from our growing corpus of donations helps provide matching grants to councils in their efforts to coordinate local projects in the areas of youth, pro-life, vocations, church, community, the handicapped, elderly, prayer, education, and those KC programs most in need of our assistance. Our corpus of funds grows through the generous donations of individuals, estate planning, council funds and annual Knights Foundation State-wide Raffle. Join us in securing the future of our Catholic faith.

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  • Funds 100% Invested in Knights of Columbus Supreme Christopher Fund
  • Statewide Raffle – $20,000 worth of prizes to 25 winners (from $5,000 to $100 cash prizes)
  • 50% of the Statewide Raffle proceeds are returned to the councils (great local fundraiser!)
  • Matching Grants for council projects

What is a Matching Grant?

Matching Grants support Knights of Columbus service projects. Councils or Districts must work collaboratively to implement the project.

What are the requirements of a Matching Grant?

These projects must fall under the service projects of Faith, Family, Life, and Community, following our four cardinal principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Charity must be the key ingredient as the Foundation is a 501(c)3 rating.

The host Council or District are expected to:

  1. Maintain communication with the Foundation through the life of the project.
  2. Establish a committee of at least three to oversee the project.
  3. Treat Grant funds as a sacred trust.
  4. Maintain clear and accurate accounting.
  5. Maintain consistent and substantial participation in state wide raffle.

All projects must provide active Foundation participation that can include:

  1. Auditing project funds.
  2. Visiting the project site as needed.
  3. Share information via correspondence.
  4. Purchasing, shipping or distributing items purchased.
  5. Publicizing the project to the local media.

Examples of projects eligible for matching grants.

Matching Grants fund projects that benefit the Catholic Church/ schools or a community need. Many projects can fall within this broad scope; however certain activities and items are not funded through the program. If you are not sure if your project qualifies, contact the Foundation with a written request.

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