Patrick Kelly, Supreme Knight

“We must inspire a new generation of men to answer the call of becoming a Knight. You and I know that being a Knight is something special. I saw it in my grandfather, who joined the Order in 1915. I saw it in my father, a brother Knight who was so proud of everything the Order stood for. And I have seen it in my own life, too. Being a Knight shapes who you are, and it shapes how we go about our lives. In the Knights of Columbus, we get the man right. And by getting the man right, we get everything right. The marriage. The family. The parish. Even the nation. That is what we offer young Catholic men; that is the message we must take to them.

We must be creative in our recruitment efforts, and I am pleased to promote an exciting web site feature that we hope will facilitate membership recruitment. Please visit the Why Join? feature and see how it can help in your recruitment efforts. This multimedia presentation offers powerful testimonials from Knights like you about their experiences in the Order.

Please encourage prospective members and their families to visit the “Why Join?” feature at their convenience and in the comfort of their own homes. In so doing, they can see why being a Knight of Columbus truly is an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to bring new members into our ranks. Working together, I am confident that the Knights of Columbus will continue to thrive as the preeminent lay Catholic organization in the world.

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