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Posted by State Deputy Marc Peters

The archdiocese Coats for Kids collection in conjunction with the Mass of the Holy Spirit at US Bank Stadium was a huge success; actually bigger then anticipated.  The carts were overflowing.  Many are new; some are slightly used. We also have mittens and gloves and hats! OH MY!!  That’s the good news.

Now we need a plan to distribute these coats. They must be out of the garage where they are stored by October 31.

The next two weeks we will have a crew sorting our coats. (watch email on help needed coming shortly to archdiocese districts.) We will get them out to the distribution points the last week in October or the first week in November.

We are asking each bishop if he has a certain place he would like them distributed. We also want your input. Do you have a school or a group that could use coats? If so, please check with them.  If the answer is yes, we need to know about it soon, quick, pronto, asap. (Get the point?) The coats do us no good in the garage when its cold outside.

We would like a coat give away at one time if at all possible. So planning will be the key.  We have banners to hang to make this “an event”. Pictures and video. We want to use it at the Supreme Convention to show off Minnesota.

Time is of the essence.  Please check with your councils. We need to make this happen NOW.

Send your findings to Patrick Farrelley at and Marc Peters at

Photos from the Mass of the Holy Spirit

CSCOE Photos of the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Fourth Degree at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Article on Supreme’s website

Posted by Coats for Kids Chairman Patrick Farrelly

Brothers, to embellish further, we want to thank all those who helped already and those who will help with the sorting in the coming two weeks.  It will be a huge task and accomplishment.

 The plan was to conduct six (6) distributions from these donations, one or more in each diocese.  I am reaching to brothers in various diocese to contact the local Bishop and work out a distribution in that locale, perhaps to a Catholic school serving needy children  or another school or community. 

 We are asking for actual distributions to be conducted, not just donations to be made to a deserving organization.

 We are specifically engaging the Bishops because we want them to know where these donations came from and we want them to consider hosting a Mass of the Holy Spirit in their Diocese as a way of engaging and enlivening the Faith of the Catholic communities in their charge, especially the young people, the future of the Church, the Body of Christ. 

 It would also be great for the Bishops to consider asking their schools to engage with us in a charitable program like Coats for Kids as a way of helping us encourage children and their families, their parents, to put their faith into action!  We want these families to know about us and the work we do, about our focus on charity, and make membership with us in the Knights of Columbus available and attractive to them.

 Conducting these distributions is hoped to encourage stronger relationships between our Catholic schools and the Knights of Columbus so everybody wins.

 Some have asked about engaging public schools to engage the needy. This is, of course, something we can and should do with our Coats for Kids program.  However, in terms of evangelization while simultaneously making a difference and attracting Catholic families to the Knights of Columbus, we should start with our Catholic community to increase and revitalize our ranks.  This is a matter of some urgency we can no longer afford to make a lower priority.  If we are to survive and prosper as an order, we simply Must Grow the Order in any way we can so we can continue and expand our charitable work. 

 I hope this resonates with you.  I thank you for your ongoing support of our beloved Order, and your love for Christ in each other and in those we serve.

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