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Submitted by State Warden Joe George:

Pictured above (Ted Brausen, Richard Tobias GK, Cheri Brausen, Michelle Gunderson,
Joe George SW, Cathy Berry Aux President, Steve Million) not pictured, Jill King Director of LLCC.

It is the giving season and I wanted to share with everyone some programs my council has done to help those in need. Our council has had an ongoing relationship with Lakes Life Care Center in
Forest Lake for as long as I can remember. This Summer, our council held a breakfast with a bake
sale that the Ladies Auxiliary put together. We asked for a free will donation to Lakes Life Care
Center in Forest Lake and the money rolled in. We were able to donate $1500.00 to the center. With that, we were able to do the ASAP program paperwork and they will be receiving an additional $300.00 from Supreme.

We were also able to retrofit all the lighting in their facility to LED and make it much more inviting and brighter, at no cost to them, thanks to several wonderful donors who supplied all the materials and labor.

Council 9905 also helped our past Life Director John Bowlin and his wife Sally with yard cleanup for fall. John and Sally have many large trees and according to John, they have 1,754,478 leaves that fall to the ground every year. Ok, I made that up but he has said that there are tons of leaves, which is very accurate. We have been helping them for the past 3 years. This year we hauled 2 pickup truck loads of bagged leaves to the compost sight. There were 9 Brother Knights and 1 future Knight there to help and we were able to complete the job in less than 2 hours. John and Sally were very grateful for our help.

Submitted by FDD Mike Schilling:

Great work by Fr. Finlay Council Oakdale

Submitted by Bill Swing:

Knights of Columbus Councils presents “Coats for Kids” to Interfaith Outreach

On Tuesday October 17, three Knights of Columbus Councils gathered at Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners in Plymouth to deliver 96 new coats.  Every fall, before the cold weather sets in, the Knights run their annual “Coats for Kids” program which has distributed over a million new winter coats to children in need throughout the US and Canada since it began in 2009.


The Knights partner with Interfaith Outreach since it is uniquely positioned here in the west Metro to get the coats in the hands of families that need them.  Kevin Ward, Interfaith’s Executive Director, says “While we often hear about people in urban cities struggling with poverty, the invisible struggles of people living in our local western suburbs is not as well understood.”

Knights of Columbus International Family Program of the Year Award 2023

St Pius X Knights of Columbus Council 14574 received the International Family Program Award at the 141st KC Supreme Convention held in Orlando earlier this month.   The program called “Adopt a Widow” currently includes 16 wives of deceased brother knights from the council who are still living.    One member from the Council “adopts” a widow and offers caring contact, support (rides, etc.), and in some cases, manual labor if requested.  The program’s purpose is to carry out Blessed Fr McGivney’s, founder of the Knights of Columbus, calling to care for the widows of the Order.  After two years, this program helped blossom close relationships between the widows and the Council, and it continues to do so.

Congratulations to the KC Council and all members who participate in the program.   Berny Saletel, who started the program, attended the convention at the Orlando Marriott World Center with his wife, Nina, and accepted the award.

The following is a link to the video shown at the convention and produced in Rochester by the Supreme Council.

Submitted by PSD Greg van der Hagen

BISHOP CHAD ZIELINSKI and Christian faithful from throughout the Diocese of New Ulm on Sunday, June 11, 2023, the Feast of Corpus Christi, joined together in a family-friendly Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession.  An Honor Guard from members of 4th Degree Assemblies from around the Diocese of New Ulm led the procession from the Diocesan Pastoral Center to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Submitted by Grand Knight Jason Palo of Council 1503

Belle Plaine Knights of Columbus Council #1503 held their Spring Banquet on Saturday April 29, 2023.  Their Guest speaker was executive director of the Alpha Women’s Center Anne Frederickson. After a wonderful speech the Belle Plaine Council made a donation of $1,000 to the Esther initiative.

Submitted by Grand Knight Jason Palo of Council 1503

Belle Plaine Knights of Columbus recently held 4 fish Lenten Dinners, with the proceeds going towards their Seminarian and the Handmaids of the Heart sisters out of New Ulm, Grand Knight Jason Palo is happy to announce we will donate $1,100 each to the Seminarian and the Handmaids of the Heart.

Submitted by Grand Knight Kevin Connors of Council 5569

Council 5569 participated with the Parish Respect Life Group to host the Memorial of the Innocents display at St Joseph Catholic Church in Rosemount, MN. There were 2000 crosses installed and on display during October Respect Life Month to portray a cemetary of the innocent victims of abortions. It serves as a teaching tool for parents, grandparents, and other concerned adults who wish to discuss Respect Life with children. The display is a mobile exhibit shared by St Patrick’s Church in Oak Grove.

Submitted by DD45 Dean Fladmo

Perhaps you have already seen this uplifting, encouraging story. But if in case you had not, I thought you might like to read it. I have also attached a copy of my letter to the editor which was published in the 10/7 issue of the Alexandria MN Echo Press newspaper. The Aaron Judge story to me is a powerful example of the point I made in my letter to the editor about the amazing things that could have been accomplished by all those who have been aborted. As you can see from my attached letter it ends with the words, “Vote for life”. When the paper published my letter, they did not include those words apparently because that would have been considered political and they have had to bill me to print that letter.

Fox Sports – October 5th

On April 26, 1992 a baby was born to parents that did not want him. Fortunately for that child they chose to give him up for adoption instead of having him killed in the womb. One day after he was born he was adopted by Patty and Wayne Judge who went on to love him and raise him the same as if he was born to them. This 30 yr old, 6 foot 7, 282 lb man could very well have just been an aborted statistic, but because his birth parents chose life for their son, a Christian and a man of strong character has become the perfect role model for a generation that is in sorely need of one. With rappers preaching about killing cops and raping women. With Hollywood spewing hate for America, with basketball players selling out to communist China for filthy lucre, Aaron Judge shines like a light in the darkness. A breath of fresh air in the stench of a society that has abandoned morality and righteousness. Last night this man tied the record for the most home runs without cheating in a season. In the next 7 games he has the chance to break the record as well as win the triple crown. The fact that he might be having the single greatest season in baseball history pales in comparison to the character he exudes and the moral and honorable life he lives. Thank you Aaron Judge for finally giving America a person, a celebrity that we can look up to. And at 6 feet 7 in more ways than one.
Credit Don Baron

Speaking up for the defenseless, innocent little ones
To the editor:
Even some atheists believe that a human life begins at conception. And for those who believe the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God, they know there is much in the Bible that indicates that human life begins at conception, especially Psalm 139. The Bible also shows that God is the giver of life, a gift from Him. If God allows a child to be conceived, He has a plan for that person and wants that person to be cared for and not killed so that person can live out God’s plan whatever that plan may be. Think of all the amazing things that could have been accomplished by those who were aborted.
The Bible also tells us that God is a God of love and forgiveness. For anyone who has had an abortion or who has been involved in an abortion in any way, God offers His forgiveness to those who confess their sins and repent of what they have done. Through a God-given faith in Jesus, they have forgiveness. And they have comfort and peace that only He can give.
For those who stand for a woman’s right to choose, what about the woman in the womb? Does that woman not have the right to choose to live? Also, if it is important for a woman to have a choice, then let there be more of an effort to fund and promote crisis pregnancy resource centers where women are provided with more information and help than Planned Parenthood will ever provide. The government provides Planned Parenthood with millions of dollars of funding. Why not do the same for crisis pregnancy resource centers?
Please join me in praying for and speaking up for those defenseless, innocent little ones who cannot speak for themselves and vote for life!

Submitted by John Short, GK of Council 2506 – Waconia

St. Joseph Catholic STEM School

September 12, 2022
Hayden S., one of St. Joseph Catholic school’s 7th graders in Waconia, won the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Contest for boys age 12. The Knights tallied scores from participants all over the world and Hayden was the top score! Monday, September 12 the Knights of Columbus presented Hayden with his award. Dan DeCrans the State Deputy, David Whatmuff the Immediate Past State Deputy, and Conrad Meier the State Free Throw Championship Chairman were present as well as other local Knights. It was a very special day and an incredible honor.

Submitted by Dan Smith of Council #10031

Chanhassen Knights of Columbus Council (# 10031) along with nine neighboring councils in the Southwest Minneapolis regional area, and the support of Supreme, were successful in purchasing a new ultrasound machine for Southwest Options for Women (SWOW). It was an outstanding demonstration of faith, determination, and unique collaboration between neighboring councils. Vivat Jesus!

The endeavor started back in April 2022 when Kim Bennecke, President & Executive Director of SWOW, made a presentation to our council. Although the council was convinced of the need we were skeptical of our ability to raise the needed funds.

Kraig Leuthard, Grand Knight, was persistent in assuring us we could find a way. Kraig made contact with neighboring councils and optimistic support was received from each council’s Grand Knight. Thomas Kleinschmidt from the Knights

Council of Long Lake, and our very own John Novotny gave generously of their time by advising & encouraging many of the councils during this process.

Eventually this ‘reach out’ resulted in generous pledges to the cause totaling of over $28,000. Thank you brothers! The participating councils were as follows: Chaska 9141, Hopkins 2232, Golden Valley 13506, Long Lake 12293, St. Boni 12029, St. Louis Park 3949, Shakopee 1685, Waconia 2506, and Wayzata 3758.

Including our council commitment of $8,000, the amount received from our neighboring councils, individual contributions, and Supreme matching funds, the total donation delivered was $46,737. Donations were used to purchase a new 3D Ultrasound machine and provide additional funding to SWOW for employee training and support for daily operations such as mothers’ and babies’ needs after birth. Our collective success was fulfilled beyond our prayers!

See below photo’s of SWOW’s open house celebration and council representatives:

Submitted by Mike Koski

Good Shepherd Knights of Columbus (Council 13506) leading the Eucharistic Procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi.

Submitted by Jason Palo

The Belle Plaine Knights of Columbus held a pancake feed in January and all proceeds went to the Belle Plaine Food shelf.  Here is a picture of Grand Knight Jason Palo handing a check for $825.00 to Food Shelf President Betsy Ollhoff.

Submitted by Brandon Fiedler

Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council completes successful coat drive.

The Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 has successfully completed its coat drive. The coats that were collected were brought to the Chisholm Food Shelf in Chisholm and the Salvation Army in Hibbing. Grand Knight Jedediah Holewa was reminded of the need for the coats and the Chisholm Food Shelf in Chisholm and the Salvation Army in Hibbing showed their appreciation to the Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 for bringing in the coats to them.

The Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 would like to thank those who donated gently used coats or new coats to the Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539. We know that winter weather can be brutal at times.

Submitted by David DuPaul

College Knights from University St. Thomas Council 11949 in St. Paul, Minn., sponsored an ultimate frisbee tournament fostering the spirit of fraternity.  Watch the video by clicking on this link.

Submitted by Grand Knight Jason Palo

Belle Plaine Council recently held a Pancake feed at Our Lady of the Prairie Catholic Church in Belle Plaine.  All proceeds went to the Our Lady of the Prairie Catholic School.

Pictured is Grand Knight Jason Palo presenting a check for $741.90 to O.L.P. School Principal Peg Scott on December 9th, 2021.


Submitted by District Deputy #53 Bill Swing

Loretto Council #9601 Pro Life Sign Project

As chairman of the Pro-Life sign project, I want to thank the following people for their contributions and help. First, I want to thank Brian Van Beusekom for continuing to allow the sign to be placed on his property and his other contributions to this project. Next, I’d like to thank PGK Tim Spaulding, PGK John Grenzer, PGK Rick Lehn, FM, PGK Tom Grinnell and our GK Duane Schlosser for all their help in installing the new billboard and straightening out the KC sign next to it. Lastly, I want to ask you all to say an extra prayer for the repose of the soul of PGK Ted Turnham who was one of the driving forces in putting up the sign in the first place and maintaining it over the years.


Brad Jacobs FM, PGK

Submitted by State Secretary Dan DeCrans

4 members of the Nevis Laporte council left Nevis at 7AM Veteran’s Day morning for Cass Lake and did a distribution at both the elementary and middle schools.
We were there till 3pm … school was closed for parent-teacher conference. As the parents came in they came through and got coats for their children. Many of the parents called their friends and told them that we were there, so they brought their children to get coats. We distributed 320 coats from the State supply and Nevis/Laporte council contributions.
See more photos

Submitted by Dave DuPaul

Good Morning Knights of Columbus and Generous Seminarians,

Thank you for the generous assistance of your time and energies! It has been cliqued to death, but obviously without your help the project would not have happened. The Franciscan Brothers of Peace (link to their website for more information) were very pleased and happily surprised by the great response of the community and the success of the drive. We have the faith that the brothers will be able to touch the lives of the communities that they serve (please see this link for more information about their ministry to the Karen ethnic group of Myanmar and Karen refugees in the US).

Now some fast facts:

-It has been over 5 years since our order has done this food drive.

-More than 25 Brother Knights and Seminarians executed this project together.

-We distributed 1,128 Bags, picked up 120 filled bags (10.63% success ratio), and by the estimation of the brothers we brought in at least 2,000 pounds of food.

-Cub Foods on University Ave donated 600 of the 1,100 bags and Cub Foods on Lake Street the remaining 500 odd.

Moving forward, we are looking for a brother knight to write a couple of thank you notes to Cub Foods on University and Cub Foods on Lake. A great opportunity to serve. Should be very simple. Please strongly consider filling this role.

Lastly, please see the attached pictures. Thank you Knights!

Submitted by IPSD Marc Peters

We headed over to Life Program Director John’s house (who recently had a hip replacement) on Saturday to rake his leaves. Took about 90 minutes and 5 guys. Back of pick up at leaves SPD Joe George and son Max, SCD Don Trudeau, IPSD Marc Peters, Brother Dan Sauder

Submitted by Don Trudeau PGK Council 9905

Council #9905 helped a 94 year old area resident return her back door exit into a safe and accessible option. A temporary fix was put in place until the new concrete steps could be manufactured and installed.
Council #9905 supplied the temporary repairs, the financing of the steps and new railings plus the site prep for installation.

Submitted by District Deputy #53, Bill Swing

District 53 councils Wayzata 3758, Loretto 9601, Long Lake 12293, Medina 13096, and Golden Valley 13506, gathered at Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners in Plymouth on Monday October 18th to donate over $5,000 worth of coats. 216 of the coats were brand new, acquired through the Knights of Columbus “Coats for Kids” program. Several other “like new” coats were donated from the St Thomas the Apostle parish, associated with the Loretto Council.

Understanding the difficulty of getting coats into the hands of the kids in the suburbs that need them, the councils partnered with Interfaith Outreach, an organization that’s been serving the critical needs of people in the western suburbs for over 40 years. Kevin Ward, Interfaith’s Executive Director, says “While we often hear about people in urban cities struggling with poverty, the invisible struggles of people living in our local western suburbs is not as well understood.”

Submitted by District Deputy #42, Dennis Behm

Council 10052, Braham, receiving their Star Council Award for 2020/2021.

From the left, Program Director Darryl Kukowski, Grand Knight Ed Frost, Membership Director Joe Rajkowski, District Deputy Denny Behm.


Submitted by Detroit Lakes Council 3166

Father Chuck Huck presents a check for $1,000 on behalf of the Detroit Lakes Knights of Columbus (Council #3166) to Health Resources LifeCare Center. Also in the picture is Britton Ramsey, Executive Director, Jim Wolf, KOC Grand Knight and Emily Roberts, Nurse Manager.

Submitted by Brandon Fiedler, Financial Secretary  Chisholm Council 3539

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Chisholm ran a thank you in the September 19, 2021 parish bulletin to the Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 for their donation to replace the refrigerator in the Social Hall Kitchen. The Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 donated $1,500 towards the cost of replacing the refrigerator in the kitchen at the Social Hall. The Social Hall is used by many groups for their fundraisers and fellowship after Mass, including the Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539, the St. Joseph’s Council of Catholic Women, religious education classes, etc. The refrigerator was in need of replacement.

Submitted by Brian Braun, Chancellor Sleepy Eye Council 3134

Full details here … Teddy Bear Drive The Scoop Ad

See Council Marketplace if you want to donate or purchase a bear

Submitted by Deacon Paul Sever

Duluth Knight Joe Socha celebrates his 100th birthday!  His son Mark related that they served together at many pancake breakfasts, parish fish fries and the like from 1988 until about the mid-1990’s. Joseph and his son Mark would attend council meetings regularly together during that period.  Since then they both occasionally attended meetings until Covid-19 hit and both have been regular mass attendees together.

He was recognized after mass on Laetare Sunday (March 15, 2021) when photos were taken. Joe is pictured with the council’s Chaplain Fr. Jim Bissonette and Deacon Paul Sever in one photo and council members attending the mass are included in the second photo with Joe’s son Mark Socha in the center front.

Submitted by Greg van der Hagen

With the pandemic still around in 2021, St. John’s Council #4797 in Hutchinson, MN wanted to hold their annual fish fry that they couldn’t hold last year because of the pandemic.  So it was decided to hold a drive through and delivery fish fry this year.  All food prep was done with the precautions of masks being worn, hand sanitizer and gloves worn and social distancing observed.

It’s hard to know what to order when we were not seating anyone as we have in the past and only serving drive through and deliveries.  The council purchased 1540 pounds of fish and we ran out early.  They served 1625 meals.


Submitted by David Whatmuff

This is from another state but worthwhile watching … Florida Knights encourage people back to mass

Submitted by Mike Schilling of Oakdale Council #4374

In the seven years of picking and delivering sweet corn to Second Harvest, and the seven Food Shelves this year, the council delivered over 81,000 pounds of corn. That is equivalent to two Semi trailer (18 wheelers) of Corn!

Here is a loaded truck with 1148 lbs of corn for Catholic Charities food shelf!

Click here for more details and photos

Submitted by DD 5 Bob Spehar

Members of the Knights of Columbus from the diocese of Duluth, MN donated $7,000 to the Union Gospel Mission in time for Christmas.  This came after the Knights saw a growing need to buy food for this organization which has operated in Duluth for nearly 100 years.   Traditionally, the Knights volunteer to serve at the mission but because of COVID restrictions were unable help in person for the last several months.  Due to the pandemic, private contributions and grants to this organization were in serious decline so brother Knights from Council 6791 sponsored a fundraiser which included 10 Councils in and surrounding Duluth in late November and December.  Together with parishioners from the Catholic Churches in the diocese the Knights were able to raise a significant amount of money for the purchase of food for those most in need during the holiday season.

Short link to an interview on local tv

This the second such event this year held by councils in and surrounding Duluth, MN to support a local organization to buy food for families in need.  The first was held last April/May where councils raised ($8,000) for the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank in Duluth.

Submitted by GK Dr. Gary Neubauer, New Ulm Council 1076

In October Deacon Tim Dolan, Director of the Office of Social Concerns at the Diocese of New Ulm called the Knights of Columbus St. Patrick’s Council 1076 to see if we would be interested in coordinating a food distribution program called “Farmers to Families Food Box Program”. This program was part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. USDA was exercising authority under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to purchase and distribute agricultural products to those in need. Through this program, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) partnered with national, regional and local distributors, whose workforces had been significantly impacted by the closure of restaurants, hotels and other food service businesses, to purchase up to $4.5 billion in fresh produce, dairy and meat products from American producers of all sizes. The program supplied boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meat products. Distributors package these products into family-sized boxes, then transport them to food banks, community and faith-based organizations, and other non-profits serving Americans in need.

Our Council jumped at the opportunity to assist in such a worthwhile endeavor.

The Knights took charge and organized: Date, Location in coordination with the Brown County Fairgrounds, Time, Communications in coordination with the United Way, Logistics in coordination with D&A Trucking and M&R Paving, Traffic Control in coordination with the New Ulm Police Department and Volunteers from the Knights of Columbus.

Below is the notice that went out to all the local newspapers, radio stations, food shelves, local County Human Services, Cable TV, Parish and Church bulletins plus posters and flyers around the community.

“USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program under the local sponsorship of Catholic Charities USA, Diocese of New Ulm, Knights of Columbus, and the Brown County Fairgrounds is giving away free food. The Farmers to Families Food Truck will be in New Ulm on Friday, October 30th at the Brown County Fairgrounds. The truck will be carrying 1200 boxes, with each 25# box containing dairy products, meats and fresh produce plus 1200 gallons of milk. The Knights of Columbus will take the lead on this to aide in distribution and logistics with the Brown County Fairgrounds donating their site. As winter seems to have set in, now is a good time to help our neighbor. There is more hunger in our country now than perhaps ever before. Please help by letting people you know become aware of this opportunity and help us help everyone in need. The food is given free of charge. No questions asked!”

The October Food Donation was a huge success with over 53 Knights of Columbus volunteers distributing over 30,000 #s (15 tons) of food and 1200 gallons of milk.

Just to give you one interesting example of how this helped those in need – we had a woman who waited in line (standing between the cars) to get a box of food. She told us she did not have a car but needed the food and therefore she had the Heartland Express bus drop her off at the entrance to the fairgrounds and then planned on having the bus pick her up with her food at the exit to the fairgrounds (of course we reached out to help her)!

Due to the tremendous success of the first Food Donation Drive we did in October; Catholic Charities asked the Diocesan Center Social Services Office and the Knights of Columbus to organize and distribute a second truck load of food on the weekend before Christmas.

The semi came from Hammond, WI with 931 boxes of food plus 931 gallons of milk. Each box contained: Pulled Pork, Sausage links, Hot Dogs, Liquid eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, Apples, Oranges, Carrots, Onions & Potatoes.

The distribution was scheduled for Noon but cars started lining up at 9 AM and therefore we started once we were all setup at 11 AM. All 931 boxes plus 931 gallons of milk were given out free in less than 2.5 hours. As a side note the Brown County Fairgrounds were holding a drive-by Santa Claus and Grinch get together that night at 5 PM. The Fairgrounds were decorated with Christmas Trees and Lights plus Christmas music was broadcast over the grandstand speakers for all to enjoy during the food give away. What a festive way to help people in need during these difficult times – especially at Christmas time!

Submitted by Msgr. Richard Colletti, Former State Chaplain

St. Isadore Council # 4514 of St. Anthony Parish in Lismore, MN gives Msgr. Colletti $17,500.00 for new church doors for the final part of St. Anthony Church painting and restoration project. The Knights from all parishes in the cluster were instrumental in setting up the scaffolding in Church and removing it when the project was completed.

Coats for kids distributions around the State

20 councils took advantage of a 2 for 1 match offer by Supreme to distribute about 3000 coats worth over $60,000 at the end of October.

Here is a short video from Supreme

Boxes of Joy

A number of Councils and Assemblies fill Boxes of Joy for underprivileged kids in the Caribbean

Click for more information

New Ulm Council 1076 Donates coats to local program.

The Knights of Columbus New Ulm Council 1076 donated 24 new winter coats to Pro Kinship for Kids. Posing from left are Lonnie Spaeth, Linda Klossner, Kari Beran, Reheanna Store, Myia Stone, Rory Juberien, Xavier Gieseke, the Rev. Shawn Polman, and Grand Knight Dr. Gary D. Neubauer. Beran, of Pro Kinship For Kids, a New Ulm non-profit organization, seeks financial and coat donations.

Family Stretch Sandwich Making photos

Knights of Council 13359 in Maple Grove  collaborated with their parish, Saint Joseph the Worker, on a sunny Tuesday evening to make hundreds of sandwiches for the homeless which were donated to the “363 Day Project” in Minneapolis.  Knights and parish families took over the parking lot at socially distant work stations while wearing masks and gloves to assemble and bag sandwiches.   Knights, led by Grand Knight Andy Fischer, provided set up and clean up support and also made sandwiches with their families as part of their “No neighbor left behind” commitment to their members, their parish and their community. Once the meat ran out, snack bags were assembled and bagged.  This sandwich making effort had long been part of the SJTW summer stretch kids program, a brainchild of Knight and parish youth director Barry Shay.  “Moving to the parking lot was the safest way to get the parish together to help their neighbor, ”  Barry said.  Catholic men can join the Knights of Columbus at .  Men who put in the code MCGIVNEY2020 will receive their first year of membership for free to honor their Founder, Fr. Michael McGivney, who will be beatified in October.


#2037 Field Agent of the year Dan Falstad and his daughter Danielle with SMD Patrick Farrelly; #2049 and #2066Deacon Kevin O’Connor with parishioner Kathy Kampa; #2061 Knight Tom Seeger with candidates from the music ministry;

Submitted by James R Fritsch, Grand Knight of Pax Christi KofC Council 14145, Rochester, MN

The No Neighbor Left Behind program initiated by KC Supreme has been highly supported by our Pax Christi Council 14145.

In April, we made a $1,000 donation to our Rochester Channel One food distribution center. Our donation was matched by our local Hy-Vee Grocery store to make it a $2,000 donation! This provided 8,000 meals to needy families.

This past week we took the No Neighbor Left Behind to a new International level of support by providing the following donation:

The Pax Christi Knights of Columbus Council 14145, Rochester, MN, has provided a $500 donation to the Hands Without Boundaries Foundation in the Congo.  The HWBF was recently established by Pax parishioner and brother Knight Bernard Mpagazihe. The donation has provided food and money for 33 widows and their 58 orphans who have been so negatively impacted by the Corona-19 Pandemic. These women and children have no local nor government assistance to support them. Their needs are very real and urgent.

Below is a note from Brother Bernard had sent to our Pax Christi Council membership:


Worthy Brother Knights,

I don’t have the perfect words to express my gratitude to our Council and to those who have responded to our appeal,  reaching out to orphans and widows in Goma, Congo. I sincerely appreciate your help. This couldn’t have arrived at a better time. At the time I am writing this, the donation received so far has placed a smile and hope on the faces of many as you can see from the pictures above and the video below.. Again, thank you.

As you could see, your love and generosity have reached those widows and their families who will be happy to have food on their plates. Each widow received a bowl of beans, a tin of salt, and $10.   The widow in the video expressed their gratitude saying: “We are very grateful to our friends in America. Again today, they have reached out to us with beans, salt, and money.  Thanks be to God today and always. May God protect them from Corona”.

Please, continue to support our initiative towards these families with whatever you can. God bless you!!

Gratefully Yours,

Bernard Mpagazihe

HWBF Founder.

Marshall Council 1621 replaced the MCCL Pro Life billboard signs at their frame south of Marshall on US Hwy 59.  Frame is a V-shape making it very visible from both directions as it stands in a wide open grass hay field mowed regularly and free of tall grasses or crops.

Rev. Shawn Polman, ordained to Priesthood in New Ulm Diocese on June 6 celebrated his first mass on June 7 at his home parish of St. Mary’s in Cottonwood, MN.  Following the mass a reception was held and Fr Polman received a traveling Mass kit as joint recognition from both 3rd degree Council 1621 and 4th Degree Assembly 1318  of Marshall, MN.

Pictured from left to right Roger Coudron, District Deputy of 3rd Degree; Fr Shawn Polman and Ray Martin Faithful Navigator of Assembly 1318

Submitted by GK  John Dufresne of Council 2029 in Litchfield

On May 15th, PJ Casey Council 2029 of Litchfield held a “Help the Shelf” food drive for the Meeker Area Food Shelf, with social distancing and safety of others in mind.

When the council held the Fish Fry March 20th, it was takeout only, and the community was incredibly supportive. What could have been a zero net gain, or even significant loss, in the Council’s annual budget, became a success because of the large turnout. As a way of thanking and supporting the community, the Knights organized the food drive with an offer to match up to $1000 of monetary donations.

Several Brothers and a trailer lined up in the St Philip’s church parking lot, on a beautiful Friday afternoon, all wearing masks and gloves, ready to safely collect any donations without the driver having to get out. A separate basket was also available, for any parishioners with collection envelopes needing delivery.

All afternoon, people came by with donations. While only 284 pounds of food was collected, the majority of participants gave cash. Food Shelves have great access to discounted rates, getting much more food with a dollar than one can at a grocery store. For every food donation there were 2-3 monetary donations, the $1000 match was instantly met, and even after the event ended at 6pm, donations came by mail and even dropped off at the Shelf! Over $3,500 dollars were collected, and the Council’s match meant Meeker Area Food Shelf received $4,500! This will help them prepare for the predicted increase in usage, as the pandemic continues to affect families and their incomes.

The Council would like to thank everyone for their support, helping in our mission to “Feed The Hungry”

Submitted by DGK Andy Fisher of Council 13359 Maple Grove

Council 13359 (St. Joseph the Worker) in Maple Grove organized a parish outdoor food drive on Saturday May 30th from 1 – 3 pm in partnership with parish ministries and in the Spirit of Pentecost. About 150 parishioners brought food or cash donations to feed the hungry through Cross Food Shelf in Rogers, MN. 17 Knights and family members collected 2,862 pounds of food and $975 in donations while “Pentecost Bags” were handed out by parish Staff, joyful music filled the air (performed by members of the music ministry) and Fathers Mike Sullivan and Don Piche blessed carloads of parishioners as they drove through the church campus.

CROSS (Christians Reaching Out for Social Service), located in Rogers, is a Non Profit Food shelf and service organization supported by a coalition of Christian Churches in the Northwest Metro. CROSS serves clients from of Rogers, Dayton, Maple Grove and the larger area.

Council 13359 also donated $500 each to CROSS Food Shelf and CEAP (serving Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park) earlier in May as part of the No Neighbor Left Behind program. The Council regularly supports CROSS and other charities financially from the proceeds of their many fund raising events and initiatives as a way of putting their faith into action.

Detroit Lakes Council 3166 makes donations to Health Resources.

Msgr. Tim McGee and Grand Knight Joe Ed Knopf from Holy Rosary Church Detroit Lakes, MN, presented two checks to Britton Ramsey the Executive Director of Health Resources Center in Detroit Lakes. The checks were from Supreme Council CT and our local Council #3166. This project was initiated as the Supreme Council launched the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative on the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The purpose of the checks was to replace an old outdated ultrasound machine which produces poor and very often no images as Health Resources met with their clients base. Council #3166 is very proud of all the support they received from the local community and surrounding Knights of Columbus Councils. As one client said “Actually hearing and seeing your unborn child makes such a big impact on your decisions! ” God be with and please watch over the innocent. Bill Quinn

St. Joseph’s Knights of Columbus at Holy Family Parish located in West Duluth
Head Up Donation Drive from Area KofC Councils for Second Harvest

The St. Joseph’s Knights of Columbus at Holy Family Parish in West Duluth Council officers, (Fritz Wrazidlo, Grand Knight, Andy Brunette, Financial Secretary, Frank Gerard, Treasurer, Mike Reckinger, Secretary along with Paul Sever, KofC District Deputy and Father Ryan Moravitz – Holy Family & St. Lawrence Cluster) while not being able to meet with our membership since March due to the current COVID situation, decided that we would make a general donation to Second Harvest to show and demonstrate our support for their organization and outreach. Knowing that they distribute to over 180 outlets and serve over 44,000 people in the Northland, we felt that a we could help out in some small way.

After some brief discussion, the aspect of donating became our council internally to our members. We challenged ourselves individually as well to add to the council amount. This then morphed into a Northland challenge to other Knights of Columbus councils, not only in the Duluth District but with our region! Well we got responses from eight Duluth councils as well as councils from Ely, Hibbing, and Virginia/Mountain Iron as well as some individual donations from their members as well! What started out as a modest donation idea from our council, it grew to $8,000 overall!

While we realize that this wasn’t a manpower making of PPE or a face-to-face interaction, it certainly is in support of those that in a serious time of need; not only the recipients of the Second Harvest outreach but also in support of Second Harvest themselves. Since one of the founding principles of the Knights is Service to Community, we felt that this was a great opportunity to walk the talk.

Knights Councils that generously donated are as follows:

St. Lawrence – Duluth (#6783)
Our Lady of the Rosary-Cathedral/St. Mary Star of the Sea – Duluth (#15761)
St. Benedict – Duluth (#8337)
St. Anthony-Ely (#3238)
Holy Spirit-Virginia/Mt. Iron (#1640)
St. Anthony-Hibbing (#1649)
St. John/St. Joseph-Duluth (#447)
St. Raphael-Duluth (#6791)
St. Joseph Holy Family Parish – Duluth (#8268)
St. James Western Council – Duluth (#5142)
St. Michael – Duluth (#5318)
McGolrick 4th Degree – Duluth (#531)

Submitted by Brother Philip Nelson of Council 10138, Coon Rapids

Minnesota Kof C composer Philip Robert Nelson responds to coronavirus stay-at-home orders by creating six sacred music videos, starting with “Rejoice In The Lord, Always” from Philippians 4:4-8, a song of hope, joy and the peace of God, taking all our concerns and anxieties to God in prayer. In keeping with the Kof C coronavirus pandemic “Leave No Neighbor Behind” initiative action plan to make sure brother Knights, especially elderly and those living alone, are encouraged! Knights have currently lost the traditional sacramental, evangelical and catechetical outreach from their parishes, so composer brother Philip combined song, scripture, and art images (Catholic old school and modern) into YouTube music videos, starting this new endeavor in March of 2020.

Click here for more details and links to the YouTube videos.

Submitted by GK Bob Bazinet of St Gerard’s Brooklyn Center

At our monthly council meeting monetary donations were presented to the following individuals and their organizations:

Peggy Benicke, Executive Director of the Robbinsdale Women’s Center in the amount of $3600 for their life saving work

Jane Shade, Director of Community Engagement for CEAP in the amount of $2440 for food for families that need assistance.
Fr. John Klockeman,Pastor St. Gerard in the amount of $500 for repair of the baptismal font
The remaining photos are from the Free Throw Championship at Edinbrook Elementary and our visit to the Cathedral for the Service for Life and Walk to the Capitol for the MCCL rally for life.

Link to media gallery photos

Submitted by State Secretary Dave Whatmuff

You may not recognize Sir Knight Bob Mathewson FDM in this different “regalia” …

Epiphany parishioner brings faith, fun to his role as Santa

Submitted by PGK Paul Greninger of Osseo/Maple Grove Council 9139

Knights donate coats to Osseo area school students

Submitted by DD52 Patrick Farrelly and State Secretary Dave Whatmuff

Many Brother Knights were present at the Gala to raise funds to help rebuild St Catherine’s Church in Bouzy, Haiti, which was partially destroyed by earthquake and then finished off by the hurricane and floods which swept through the Caribbean.

Former Vikings player Matt Birk was the guest speaker.

See the link to the article on the Supreme website for details.


Submitted by Coats for Kids Chairman and DD52 Patrick Farrelly

Knights distributed coats at Little Earth community …

(Below photos courtesy Patty Landeis of PK Photography)

Submitted by GK Jerome Lensing of  Holy Spirit Council 11460 in Rochester

New Storage built to aid Holy Spirit’s Ministries – A wall of cabinets has been built by the Knights of Columbus Council 11460 to provide storage for the ministries at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. This will make more accessible several items that are currently stored in the basement such as additional dishes, roasters and other supplies. It also allows for consolidation of supplies that are in numerous locations today. The dishes were donated to the church by the Sisters of St Francis at Assisi Heights and have been inaccessible in the basement. This will allow several ministries to be environmentally friendly by using dishes vs. disposables. We will be reorganizing the supplies for the Funeral Ministry, the KC’s Pancake Breakfast supplies, after school child care, and additional items in order to make things more user-friendly.

The Knights designed the cabinets, purchased material, and built the cabinets over 4 days. Over 50 hours of effort went into the project. Funds from the November 3rd KC Pancake Breakfast will be used towards the cost of this project.

Submitted by Mike Sheehan of Assembly 548

Assembly 548 of Rochester present Father Matthew Wagner with a Chalice Program Ordination gift.

Members of Bishop Edward A. Fitzgerald Assembly 548 gather with Bishop Quinn and Father Jason Kern, Director of Vocations, following Father Matthew Wagner’s ordination Mass on June 28 after presenting Father Matthew with his Chalice Program Ordination gift.

For more details on the program click here.

Submitted by State Secretary Dave Whatmuff

A Fourth degree honor guard, and other Knights and their families were in the congregation to celebrate the ordination of 5 new Priests in the Archdiocese.

Click here for photos and details ..

Submitted by Don Kinker, FS 1621 1/25/19

The Marshall Knights of Columbus Council 1621 and Hy-Vee Food Store worked together the past three months for a collection of food and cash for the Kitchen Table Food Shelf in Marshall. Through the joint effort $1,890.50 in cash and 740 pounds of food was collected for the Food Shelf.
In addition to the joint venture, KC Council 1621 contributed another $500 cash to the Food Shelf. Pictured from left are Matt Parkhurst, Manager and Kevin Gruhot of Hy-Vee; KC members Jeff Wyffels and Dick Eis presenting the check to Lori Lerohl, supervisor and Margaret Palen, Manager of the the Kitchen Table Food Shelf and Larry Doom KC Member.

Submitted by Greg van der Hagen 11/3/18

The Knights of Columbus Cuyuna Range Council #3473, together with generous donation of others in the community, provided 192 new coats, 120 snow pants and 134 pairs of gloves to local elementary schools.  On October 26th these coats, snow pants and gloves were distributed to Rippleside Elementary School in Aitkin and Cuyuna Range Elementary School in Crosby.  The coats will now be distributed by the School Staff.

This was possible because of the support from the following organization and people in our local community.

American Legion Post 86, Aitkin VFW Post 1727, 40 Club Inn & Banquet Ctr, Chamberlin Trucking, The Shirt Shop, Deerstand ,Aitkin Lions Club, Thomas Bedard, Marv Chmelik, Ed Spiel, BLAL – Lions club, Ed Kirk, Bob Janzen, The Kenneth L Keller Foundation, Robert Wander , Mille Lacs Energy Community Trust, Roger Marks, Blackrock TerraceResidents , Bev Spreigl, Mid MN Bank , Roth RV, Ann McClellan, Tom Provost, Paul Perpich DDS, Cuyuna Range Lions Club, Steve Freese, Steve’s Residential Drafting, Dr. Jeffery Fish DDS, Gloria Bordwell, Brad McCusker, Hudrlik Carpets & Home Service Store, Deerwood Technology.

Thank you for your generosity to provide a new warm winter coat to a child who would otherwise go without.

Submitted by Coats for Kids Chairman Patrick Farrelly 10/16/18

Once again we had a team from Supreme led by Senior Vice-President Mark McCullen, along with Matt Birk and a video team, to help distribute Winter Coats in Minneapolis. State Deputy Marc Peters, Coats for Kids Chairman Patrick Farrelly and Knights from local councils visited St Peter Claver School in St Paul on October 9th.

Coats for Kids at St Peter Claver

Submitted by State Secretary Dave Whatmuff 10/11/18

The Vikings Stadium was the venue for a Mass of the Holy Spirit presided by Archbishop Bernard Hebda, concelebrated by Bishop Cozzens and 75 priests of the Archdiocese, and assisted by Deacon Larry Lawinger.

The event was organised by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence, and supported and partly funded by the Knights.

An estimated 13,000 children from the 75 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese were bussed to the stadium and each was encouraged to bring a coat or other warm item, to donate to the Knights “Coats for Kids” program.

Senior Vice-President Mark McMullen and Senior Director Scott Read attended from the KofC Supreme Office, along with a film crew to record the event.

Click here for photographs and notes from State Deputy Marc Peters, and State Coats for Kids chairman Patrick Farrelly.

Submitted by State Secretary Dave Whatmuff 10/8/18

The 16th Annual Archdiocesan Candlelight Rosary Procession was held in Friday 5th October. Hundreds of the faithful gathered at the State Capitol at 7pm and processed up to the Cathedral, led by Archbishop Bernard Hebda and an honor guard of 4th degree Knights. Immaculate Mary and other hymns were sung, and Rosaries said during the procession. At the Cathedral the Archbishop presided over a Benediction service, with additional hymns and prayers honoring our Holy Mother.

Submitted by P. J. Bock, Council #15507 4/23/18

Bishop Schladweiler Council #15507 of Wabasso has hosted several BINGO events, but none as successful as a recent Grilling BINGO. Grilling packages featuring generous cuts of chicken, pork, and steak were the main prizes. Despite being postponed once due to weather, over 100 people came out-which made this by far our most successful BINGO! A portion of the proceeds will go towards local youth participating in Catholic Heart Workcamp. Prior to the BINGO, a $2,000 donation was made to St. Anne’s School for technology improvements.

Wabasso Council Bingo Photos

Submitted by Dan Eder, Advocate of Council #1632 4/17/18

Region 9 under Jim Burkhart, hosted a Clergy appreciation dinner at Stillwater KC Hall on 4/13/18. Archbishop Hebda was present as well as many Priests and Sisters from the area. Despite being in the middle of our record storm, it was well attended and everyone had a great time.

Region 9 Clergy Appreciation Dinner photos

Submitted by Fr. Paul Jarvis, Associate pastor at St Bridget’s Community 4/9/18

Alleluiah, Maria!

Man oh man, did the Archbishop ever impress a lot of folks this past Sunday at the annual Knights Mass.  He truly is the Archdiocese’s finest preacher.  And pastor.
At the following spaghetti dinner, our local Council (#4451) Grand Knight  Mike Marthaler mentioned that St. Bridget’s Parish Community and Northside Council were inviting the Holy Father next year.  We would undoubtedly need to fit folks up in the choir loft next year for that one.
I personally want to thank His Excellency for his Christian brotherly manner with every person who met him.  No one felt at unease.  And everyone felt like they had made a new friend in him.
Having the Archbishop celebrate the Knights Mass was a very healing and reassuring gesture to a resurrecting Northside community.  It was also a symbolic show of support to a stabilizing institution in the Northside.
I know that the Grand Knight was serious about inviting the Holy Father to St. Bridget’s next year.  These sort of naive invitations are sometimes surprisingly accepted.  We’re tentatively talking about Saturday, March 29, 2019 … the 137th anniversary of the founding of the Knights … again in our St. Austin’s Campus.  The Grand Knight is also interested in planning a Knights Mass that would have another presider … “just in case”.

Submitted by Steve Mason, Trustee of Forest Lake Council #3657 2/14/18

From day one the Knights of Columbus Council #3657 in Forest Lake, Minnesota have supported the Lakes Life Care Center in Forest Lake, Mn. The center was using a old ultrasound machine and decided it was time to upgrade to a new 3D machine.

In the fall of 2016, we were approached by Lakes Life director, Jill Wagner to play a bigger part in saving lives. She was looking for help to raise money for a new machine. Our answer was yes! After filling out the necessary paper work and approval from Supreme and our Archdiocese , Lakes Life Care Center announced that an initiative to team up up with the Knights of Columbus would start immediately to secure $15000 and have a matching grant provided by the Supreme Knights of Columbus. That’s when the hard work started.

Grand Knight Steve Mason, from Council #3657 contacted our other district councils in North Branch, Mn., Lindstrom, Mn., and Taylor Falls, Mn., thru our District Deputy Bill Maasson, to start fund raising activities. Everyone signed on and we started our campaign to raise 50% of the cost of the ultrasound machine, the Supreme Council would provide 50% of the cost to complete funding of the 3D colored Ultrasound. In October we were happy to announce at the Lakes Life Care Center Annual Banquet, that our goal was accomplished.

The monies were sent soon after we confirmed our numbers and an open house celebration was held on February 13, 2018 at the Lakes Life Care Center in Forest Lake, Minnesota. We were very proud and thankful of everyone’s help

Submitted by Bob Seigel, GK Council #4463 2/4/18

January 30th, the Heritage Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead was the site of the 39th annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner presented by Knights of Columbus Council #4463. The Most Reverend Michael Hoeppner, Bishop of Crookston and the Most Reverend John Folda, Bishop of Fargo, headed the list of some 33 members of the area’s Catholic clergy who were guests for the evening. Council #4463 and four neighboring councils from both Minnesota and North Dakota participated in offering a social hour followed by dinner, during which each guest member of the clergy was introduced, thanked and greeted with a standing ovation.
In his presentation following dinner, State Deputy Bob Penas delivered a compelling argument to double down on recruitment to preserve the solid bond between Knights and the clergy and parishes they serve. Adapting to recruit a younger (18 to 30 year old) “millennial” population will be essential to Knights of Columbus growth.

Both bishops offered acknowledgement and thanks for the Knights’ faithful strength and resolve to serve their clergy.
At the evening’s conclusion each bishop was presented with a $1,000 check from Council #4463 and Fourth Degree Assembly #543 to help fund specific diocesan needs and programs.

Following the formal program, all attending were invited to tour, as guests of the Knights, the display of the Illuminated St. John’s Bible exhibit at the Heritage and Cultural Society of Clay County.

Submitted by Mark Glatzel FS Council #7057 St Joseph 2/2/18

(From the February 2, 2018 St. Joseph Newsleader)
Members of the St. Joseph Catholic Parish, thanks to the Knights of Columbus, raised and donated nearly $3,000 to help repair a school in Puerto Rico that was devastated by Hurricane Maria last fall.
Funds for the school were raised mainly at a Knights of Columbus breakfast in January.
The school has a connection to the Sisters of St. Benedict in St. Joseph because the nuns there helped set up a monastery in Puerto Rico that founded the school (grades K-9), which is named Colegio San Benito. It is in the city of Humacao on the east side of the island of Puerto Rico, an area hit especially hard by Hurricane Maria.
The Humacao monastery the Sisters of St. Benedict founded is known as the Monasterio Santa Escolastica. It administers the Colegio San Benito for its students.
David Thomas, a St. Joseph resident and long-time member of the St. Joseph Knights of Columbus, suggested a fundraiser for the school after he heard about its plight. Although the school’s structure is still intact, the interior was ravaged by the hurricane, and a total lack of water and electricity crippled the school for months. After Christmas, students were encouraged to return, but school could only be open for limited hours of the day because of limited water and electricity.
When Thomas suggested a fundraiser, his fellow Knights were enthusiastic. Some of them met with the Sisters of St. Benedict, including the prioress, and they too approved of the idea.
The project to donate to Colegio San Benito is dear to Thomas’ heart, partly because he is a Catholic with strong faith in the Sisters of St. Benedict and their mission projects and partly because his daughter Tamara Thomas took her Benedictine vows last July.
The Knights of Columbus sponsor nine breakfasts annually to raise funds for good causes. The one for Colegio San Benito involved two dozen Benedictine Sisters, and five of them quickly busied themselves with hands-on help: Dorothy Manuel, Cecilia Prokosch, Karen Rose, Pat Ruether and Mary Weidner.

More than 400 people were served at the Knights of Columbus fundraiser. There are about 200 members in the Knights of Columbus Council 7057 of St. Joseph. They are all looking forward to more good breakfasts, more good deeds.

St. Joseph Knights of Columbus members Matt Loehlein (left) prepares to cook sausage and Bruce Bechtold checks how the cinnamon rolls are coming along.

Submitted by State Deputy Bob Penas 1/29/18

Today, in cooperation with Supreme, the MN Knights of Columbus helped to change the lives of 120 students at St. John Paul II Catholic School in Minneapolis.  With the help of the state officers, Knights and volunteers from around the metro area, the Fraternal Mission Department, and various Minnesota celebrities, we were able to give each child a new winter coat.  Celebrities included Archbishop Hebda, Bishop Cozzens, former Vikings Matt Birk, Vikings Quarterback Kyle Sloter, Vikings Chaplain Fr. Michael Van Sloan, and K of C Senior Vice President of Membership and Fraternal Mission Mark McMullen.

click here to see more …

Submitted by Dayton GK Mike Gilman 1/3/18

Donated $1000 to the Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency, which provides low cost adoptions to Catholic couples. They are active around abortion clinics and they work closely with Cornerstone and other pregnancy centers. They are pro-Catholic, pro-life and pro-family. Established in 2001, they were created to help mothers in crisis pregnancies understand the love of adoption. We have supported them for years and our gift is greatly appreciated. Our contact is Gerrie Soine, 1261 Benton St., Anoka, MN 55303. She can be reached at 763-421-8917. Shown here is GK Mike Gilman presenting the check to Gerrie Soine.

Donated $800 to Options for Women/Cornerstone as part of our continued support for this organization. Years back a number of KC Councils raised the funds to purchase their Ultrasound machine and they are busier than ever.
Options for Women/Cornerstone is a nonprofit pregnancy medical center dedicated to providing compassionate, confidential, and free care to women facing an unexpected pregnancy. From pregnancy and STI testing, to limited obstetrical ultrasounds, to peer counseling and education classes– our nurses and client advocates are serious about giving women the best care possible.
They are located at 204 Central Ave E, St. Michael, MN 55376. Shown here is Nurse Rachel RN.

Donated $800 to the Youth Group at St John the Baptist (along with ongoing support during the year). Shown here is GK Mike Gilman presenting the check to Sara Moylan. Sara’s husband Jacob is also a Knight in our council.

Donated $200 to the Peace Maker Foundation whose purpose is to partner with Minnesota K-12 Catholic schools to help students learn to be peacemakers, to develop a conflict resolution/peacemaking program and to build awareness in the community about the need and value of such a program.
Topics taught are bullying prevention, peer mediation, anger management, and biographies of peacemakers.
Shown here is Paul Dahlheimer and Russell Ray presenting the check to Dan McNeil of Peace Maker.

Donated $200 to the Al Langer Golf Tournament to sponsor a hole during the event held in August.

Submitted by Dean Fladmo in St Cloud 10/23/17

Procession in St Cloud to commemorate Our Lady of Fatima

Submitted by DD Jerry Bursaw of District 12 in Detroit Lakes 7/27/17

Prior to Easter, Todd and Susan Francis were burned in an explosive fire that also did extensive damage to their home. Council 3166 of the Knights of Columbus, with assistance from the Catholic Daughters, organized a spaghetti supper and silent auction fundraiser to help them with medical bills and home repairs. Presenting Susan and Todd with the check from the proceeds are: Knights Brad Carlson and Jerry Bursaw, Monsignor McGee, and Catholic Daughters Karen Bursaw and Mary Buschette. The Knights and Catholic Daughters are also very appreciative of the area businesses that donated silent auction items to assist the Francis family.

Submitted by State Advocate Jim Terwedo 7/17/17

Signs used by New Prague Council at their events … event signs

Submitted by GK Warren Malwitz of Council #10732 in Red Lake Falls 6/29/17

From left to right, Warren Malwitz Grand Knight Holy Family council 10732, Father Matt Schmitz, Butch Berberich and Jerry Freitag. Presenting Father Matt with Knights of Columbus vestment as an ordination gift on the date of Father Matts first Mass.


Submitted by Dave Whatmuff 5/31/17

Knights provide honor guard at the Ordination of 10 new priests at the Cathedral of St Paul on Saturday May 27th. Each was also presented with a check from the State Council as a token of our best wishes and congratulations.

Click here for details and photographs

Submitted by Chris Wrobel, Council Activities Director (5/27/17)

More than 3,000 Special Olympics athletes with and without intellectual disabilities competed in the annual Special Olympics Minnesota (SOMN) State Bowling Tournament, Nov. 11-13, 2016 held at Brunswick Zone locations in Brooklyn Park, Blaine and Lakeville.

Click here for a selection of photos from the album, and here to link to the SOMN Flickr page with the complete album.

Submitted by Michael Smith of Council #12029 in St Bonifacius (5/23/17)

This is a heartwarming story of how a Knights of Columbus council collaborated with a Lion’s Club and a local dentist to help restore the smile to a local teenager who had recently lost her father.

Click here to read the full story … and here for the video

Submitted by GK Brian Zins of Council #5551 in North Mankato (5/22/17)

On May 13, the Council 5551 from Holy Rosary in North Mankato went back to their roots to demonstrate that Charity is one of our founding principles. This past Christmas Eve, our Grand Knight Bob Oshel passed away unexpectedly at home. Many Brother Knights offered any help they could provide to his loving wife Peg at the visitation and funeral.

Brother Paul Streit kept in close touch with Peg in the ensuing weeks and when she received a very costly quote to remove and dispose of an unsafe deck at her house, she asked him if he had any ideas. He did.

A “destruction” crew was formed, a dumpster lined up, a tool list compiled and breakfast and lunch arranged. The 6-8 Brother Knights expected turned into 20 and the job was completed in under three hours with the backyard raked and gutters cleaned.

We could not be more proud of our Knights and of Brother Streit, we truly have a remarkable group of men!

Submitted by State Treasurer Dave Whatmuff (5/22/17)

Our Worthy State Deputy Bob Penas gave a phone interview broadcast on Real Presence Radio on May 16th. Here is a link to the RPR website (look for RPL Hr. 2 May 16)

(Bob’s interview starts at about the 24th minute if you want to skip right to it)

Submitted by Kevin O’Laughlin District Deputy of District 29 in the Winona area (5/22/17)

Attached is a photo from April 21, 2017 taken at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Bishops and Rector dinner.  The State Council was recognized in the dinner program for its support of IHM Seminary.  Included in the picture are Blase Cardinal Cupich of Chicago, former State Chaplain Msgr. Tom Hargesheimer, Council 639 Chaplain Fr. Jim Berning, my wife (Cami) and me.

Submitted by Manuel Leon, GK of Bloomington Council #3827 (4/7/17)

State Free Throw Tournament held at Cathedral High School St. Cloud on April 1st 2017

The competition was on 12 categories, boys and girls between 9 to 14 years old, each category having between 10 to 12  participants. I counted about 40 volunteers, 36 trophies were given 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each category.

The KofC State of Minnesota Free Throw competition was held at Cathedral of St. Cloud High school.  It was a wonderful and well attended event where once again our fraternity, The Knights of Columbus, highlighted one of our commitments which is to promote values and safe activities to our youth population. For all attendants this was a unique experience. At the beginning of this contest everybody received a Blessing from The Bishop of St. Cloud, Donald Joseph Kettler, at the same time that the building looked crowded by participants, their friends, families and the staff. By watching how motivated the youths were, giving their best effort, we had gotten a great feeling of satisfaction.

Media Gallery of State Free Throw Tournament 2017


State Free Throw Tournament 2017 – Group photos of the competitors in each category


Submitted by Gary Loop, District Deputy of District 60 in the International Falls area (3/29/17)

District 60 Fish Fries aim to help those in need

Submitted by Brad Carlson of Council #3166 in Detroit Lakes (3/23/17)

Knight Brad Carlson of the Holy Rosary Council 3166 in Detroit Lakes presents a $1000 check to Brother Knight Jack Berenz, director of the Becker County Food Pantry. The funds were raised from a pancake breakfast held to support the pantry in their March Campaign.

Submitted by Phil Harter of Council #2018 in Anoka (3/21/17)

Council #2018 Anoka Grand Knight Gary Kempf presented a check to Johnna Krantz, Program Director for Stepping Stone Emergency Housing in Anoka the proceeds, $1,464, from their breakfast for their benefit on Super Bowl Sunday.

Stepping Stone Emergency Housing is Anoka County’s only youth & adult homeless shelter, and one of Minnesota’s most trustworthy non-profit organizations. In a dormitory-style setting, Stepping Stone provides a primary, yet temporary, “home” to 66 men and women, as young as 18 years old.

Submitted by Brandan Fiedler of Council #3539 in Chisholm (2/10/17)

The Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 has donated coats to Independent School District #695 and to the Chisholm Police Department as part of the Coats for Kids program this past week.  The children who receive these coats are ones who are in need of a new coat for winter.

This is the second winter that the Knights of Columbus Chisholm Council #3539 has participated in the Coats for Kids program because we know that temperatures at this time of the year have been known to get to 30 below zero (not factoring in the wind chill).  With the wind chill, it gets worse.

The members who are involved with the Coats for Kids project are Travis Vake, Brandan Fiedler (not pictured) and Frank Paradise.

Submitted by State Warden Dan De Crans (1/23/17)

Photos taken at District 61 Free-Throw Competition
Photos taken at  Park Rapids March for Life

Submitted by Paul Greninger GK of Osseo/Maple Grove Council 9139 (1/9/17)

The Osseo/Maple Grove Knights would like to thank all those members who helped make this a very successful “Coats for Kids” year!  Thank you St Vincent’s CCW, Lions, Legion, Fire relief Assn. Dick’s Bar, Transport Graphics of Rogers, Premier Bank and other area businesses.

This was our second year of doing this and we were able to increase the number of coats to kids in need in the Osseo/Maple Grove area. Last year we gave away 357 new coats, but heard there was a need also for snow pants. So this year we able to buy 200 pairs of snow pants and purchased 432 coats to give away to those kids of need. So as Grand Knight of this fine council, I’m very proud of what we have accomplished in 2 years. Providing warmth to 989 young souls.  God will bless all of you who helped out in the accomplishment!

Submitted by Tim Rice PGK of Owatonna Council 945 (12/20/16)

Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive a complete success!

On Saturday, December 3rd, our Council partnered with the Salvation Army to do our annual Red Kettle Drive Day. Through the efforts of over 100 Brother Knights and family members, we were able to man the red donation kettles at all nine locations in town for the entire day from 8 am to 8 pm. In this one day, we were able to help collect over $4,600 for the Salvation Army, the largest single day of contributions for the annual campaign.

More details here … Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive

Brother Knights Distribute Coats for Kids

Tuesday evening, November 29, Brother Knights distributed 40 new coats to families in need. This was conducted as a part of the Supreme Council’s Coats for Kids program

Owatonna KCs Host Richard Rohwer Christmas Party

BINGO! Was the word shouted out loudly and many times at Senior Place on Wednesday, December 7th. It was the site of the annual Richard Rohwer Christmas party which is sponsored by the Owatonna Knights of Columbus, Council 945.

More details here … Coats for Kids and Christmas Party

Submitted by Dave Pessenda FS of Council 5318 Duluth St Michael (12/20/16)

The Knights of the Neil F. Scott Council 5318 collected donations for this on the weekends of Dec. 3/4 and Dec. 10/11.  We were able to raise $1020 and we purchased 4 cases of coats (48 coats).  6 coats were donated to students in need at St. Michaels Lakeside School and the rest were donated to CHUM (Churches United in Ministry) for distribution to children living at the Steve O’Neil apartments in Duluth.  In the CHUM picture I am with Mary Schmitz, Development Director at CHUM.  In the second picture I am with Angela Mejdrich, Vice Principal at St. Michaels Lakeside School.




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