Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of the questions that have been asked through our website. As more are asked and answered we will build this “information center”.

Q: Where do I send the money and raffle tickets for the MN Knights Foundation Raffle?
A: Make checks payable to: MN Knights Foundation
and mail to:

MN Knights Foundation
3700 West 220th Street
Jordan MN 55352

Q: Can I get a list of approved organizations/recipients for the Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie Roll program)
A: The Program page for this Campaign contains documents that can be downloaded. Click here to go there.

Q: We are a 501 (c) (3) day program for people with disabilities. How do we get on the list for donations? Is there an application process?
A: Contact the Campaign Chairman … you will find him on the Program page. Click here to go there.

Q: We have a member that is no longer receiving the Columbian or the Knightline, and would like to be reinstated. Who do we contact?
A: Send the member’s Name, Member Number, and Address to with a description of what he is missing.

Q: I am currently 17 but would like to join the Knights … can I join before my 18th birthday?
A: The “Official” line from Supreme is that you must wait until your 18th birthday. This may be waived under compelling circumstances, such as a member of the Armed Services being posted to a conflict zone, or a life-threatening illness or operation, but even then the birthday should be “close”.

Q: What is the eMembership initiative?
A: The Online Membership initiative is a web-based program through which eligible Catholic men can join the Knights of Columbus online.  For more detailed information click here.

Q: I’m a student about to attend college. Do the Knights of Columbus offer any scholarships?
A: For scholarships check here. For low-cost student loans check here

Q: How do I request a Council website?
A: Use the request form at: … there are also a couple of links on the same page which will provide access to the presentation I made at the July org meeting.

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