Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of the questions that have been asked through our website. As more are asked and answered we will build this “information center”.

Q: What is Affiliate Membership and how does it work?

A: This subject has its own FAQ page Affiliate Membership FAQ

Q: Where do I find the forms for the appointment and evaluation of a Financial Secretary?

A: This page contains all you ever wanted to know about the subject.

Q: How do I use Zoom to manage a virtual meeting?

A: Pictorial instructions can be found on the website under the Resouces>Training menu, Click here to go to the page

Q: I don’t see recent changes to the State Website, such as links to this month’s Newsletter … why is that?”

A: If you’re not aware of this, your browser keeps a copy of each page as it was when you previously looked at it in a “cache”, which helps it to be more efficient than refreshing it every time you go there. So this means that if there have been edits to the page since you last looked at it, you have to go into the “settings” of your browser and clear the cache so that it will refresh it with a new view. I have to do it all the time when I’m working on the website, so that I will see any changes I just made.


I use Chrome, and this is how to do it there (if you use IE or some other browser, you’ll have to Google “clearing the cache” for your browser).


First, close any windows you have open to the State website … this is important otherwise the rest will not be effective!


In the Chrome browser, there is a little icon at the top right for accessing the menu (the Arrow in an orange circle) …


Select “Settings” from the menu to open the Settings page and select, “Clear browsing data” from the “Privacy and security” section.


In the pop-up window, check only the box that says “Cached images and files”


Notice that the default time range is “Last hour” … you might want to change that to “Last 24 hours” or whatever is appropriate.
Then press “Clear data”.


Now when you access the website you should see any recent changes.

Q: Where do I send the money and raffle tickets for the MN Knights Foundation Raffle?
A: Make checks payable to: MN Knights Foundation
and mail to:

MN Knights Foundation
3700 West 220th Street
Jordan MN 55352

Q: Can I get a list of approved organizations/recipients for the Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie Roll program)
A: The Program page for this Campaign contains documents that can be downloaded. Click here to go there.

Q: We are a 501 (c) (3) day program for people with disabilities. How do we get on the list for donations? Is there an application process?
A: Contact the Campaign Chairman … you will find him on the Program page. Click here to go there.

Q: We have a member that is no longer receiving the Columbian or the Knightline, and would like to be reinstated. Who do we contact?
A: Send the member’s Name, Member Number, and Address to with a description of what he is missing.

Q: I am currently 17 but would like to join the Knights … can I join before my 18th birthday?
A: The “Official” line from Supreme is that you must wait until your 18th birthday. This may be waived under compelling circumstances, such as a member of the Armed Services being posted to a conflict zone, or a life-threatening illness or operation, but even then the birthday should be “close”.

Q: What is the eMembership initiative?
A: The Online Membership initiative is a web-based program through which eligible Catholic men can join the Knights of Columbus online.  For more detailed information click here.

Q: I’m a student about to attend college. Do the Knights of Columbus offer any scholarships?
A: For scholarships check here. For low-cost student loans check here

Q: How do I request a Council website?
A: Use the request form at: … there are also a couple of links on the same page which will provide access to the presentation I made at the July org meeting.

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