Fraternal Benefit Events (FBE)

Here are the dates, subjects, and links to the Fraternal Benefit Events (FBE) slated for the rest of the Fraternal year. As some wrong information has be distributed, this will clarify the Founder’s Award requirements.

 Your council needs to host/promote a least TWO events totaling 10 UNIQUE attendees for councils with 99 members or below and 14 attendees for councils over 100 members. Attendees must be a member or a person eligible to join. Unique means attendees only count once, so no same person at the two different FBEs will be counted, very welcome to attend though. Let me know if you have any questions.

 Below FBEs are organized and hosted by the Minnesota Insurance Agencies, there will be a few more sponsored by Supreme added, we just don’t have those dates yet but will be advertised as we get them.

Minnesota Fraternal Benefit Events (FBE)

*Topics and dates are subject to change

  • 11/21/23  7PM    Life Insurance as an Asset Class: Learn what the largest US investment firm and the largest accounting firms think you should know.Register Here:


Grand Knights fill out this form to ensure you get credit for members who attended

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