Fraternal Benefit Seminar (FBS)

As we get close to the end of the Fraternal Year, we want to give you as much chance to get Star Council as we can.  Below are the next Fraternal Benefit Seminars (FBS) that are coming up.  You need two of these per year with at least seven attendees at each to qualify for the Founder’s Award, which is 1/3 of Star Council.  If you need a personal one for your council or district before the end of the year, let me or your Field Agent know.  We will not be doing any after the 20th of June.

Also, attached is the FBS form (11077) which the Grand Knight needs to fill out and get to the agent or myself so you get credit.  For easiest verification please make sure your members fill out the survey at each FBS, even if there is nothing that applies or interests them.  Let’s finish in a Knightly manner, Vivat Jesus!


Ed Slott Retirement Seminars:

May 24: 6:30 PM CDT:

June 14: 6:30 PM CDT:

Grand Knights fill out this form to ensure you get credit for members who attended


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