Fourth Degree

District Master’s Message

Welcome to the Minnesota 4th Degree page! It is an honor to be appointed and serve as the District Master of our state. I am frequently updating the information on this page to reflect the constant activities and events that are taking place and/or coming up for the 4th degree in MN. I have posted my calendar for everyone to see to assist councils and Assemblies in their planning. I will be updating it regularly. You should know if you don’t already that being a knight is a chance to make ourselves better Catholics and a better version of ourselves. The 4th Degree, with it’s focus on Patriotism,  offers a brother knight the opportunity to not only become a better Catholic but a better citizen as well. Talk about being a better version of ourselves!

I would highly encourage you to let people know about all the Knights of  Columbus has to offer and in particular the 4th Degree. No other organization has a component like the 4th Degree with the special combination of honoring and serving our church and clergy and our also serving our beloved country. If you are a 3rd Degree member talk to your Grand Knight or Financial Secretary to get the process started or feel free to drop me an email or a phone call and I’ll be happy to assist you. Also know that if you are not currently a member of the Knights or are a 1st Degree member you can click on the Degree schedule tab on the home page and see where the upcoming degree ceremonials will be taking place. Becoming a 4th degree knight has never been easier or cheaper. With standard dark business suit and $70.00 you can join our ranks! No longer are you required to purchase a tuxedo to become a Sir Knight. As Assemblies we need to be recruiting now and it needs to happen at the council level. Go to your local council meetings. Take form 4s with you. Be ready to answer questions. As you go to various events, bring up the 4th degree and all it has to offer. Have a form 4 on your person or in the car. If we got only 1 new member from each of our councils, we would bring in a great class of new Sir Knights. That should be a very attainable goal for even the smallest councils. The 4th Degree Ceremonial is truly one of the most beautiful and moving experiences you will have in your life. It is also the last remaining degree where you are actually knighted. A moving and memorable experience indeed! Avail yourself of this opportunity. You will be a better person for it. See the next date posted on this page and also use the link at bottom of the page to access all the information on this upcoming major event. Vivat Jesus!

4th Degree Projects:

Fort St Charles  

We had the chapel dedication on Saturday September 14th, 2019. We gave tours of the island as well as holding a dedication mass with honor guard celebrated by Bishop Hoeppner presiding as well as several priests concelebrating. There was a reception on site following the Mass. Some pics are below. Lastly, you can view a history and lots more photos and information about Ft. St. Charles on their website by clicking here.


Priests and Honor GuardCrow Wing Chapel

Missionaries came to Crow Wing and mission churches were built. In August 1852 Fr Pierz established the catholic mission. This chapel sits at the site of the first church that Fr Pierz built in 1867.
The chapel is maintained by the 4th degree of MN and there is a mass celebrated there annually in July.


Father Hennepin statueFr Hennepin Statue

The Fr Hennepin Statue is in front of the Basilica of St Mary in Mpls. The 4th degree knights were instrumental in every phase of arranging for the site, having the statue made, and erecting the statue. It was officially dedicated in a huge mass and ceremony on October 12, 1930. The 4th degree is totally responsible for the maintenance of this historic and beautiful statue.


Fort St. Charles Chapel Dedication 2019

Interested in joining the 4th degree or attending the next exemplification? Click here for more information ...
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