Faith, Charity and Financial Security

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Even More Than You Expected: So – why are so many men “afraid to join”?

Whether a man is looking to grow in his faith, serve in his community, financially protect his family, or do all three, the Knights of Columbus has something for him. The question is: What do they see in us that makes them afraid to join? If we can’t answer that question – we can’t recruit new members!

I wish I had the answer. There is a family in my parish that is the quintessential “K of C family”. She works as the administrator of a Pro Life – women’s center, has 2 young children, active in the parish, loves the Knight’s for all the support – including an ultra sound machine in her center; her sister died in a car accident – and yet her husband can’t see the benefits of membership!

The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal organizations in the world. What began with a handful of men in the basement of a church in Connecticut has grown into a global force for good, with nearly 2 million members spread across a dozen countries. And although the size of the Knights of Columbus has changed, the mission has not. Knights today – just as Knights then – are men of faith,
committed to serving their neighbors and protecting their families.

Faith: For Knights, everything begins with faith.

Charity: It is from that faith that Knights derive their mission to serve their neighbor.

Financial Security: The Knights of Columbus understands that Catholic families need financial security, that’s why Fr. McGivney began the Knights of Columbus insurance program.

Carrying on the Legacy of Father McGivney ….

The Knights of Columbus is not just a fraternity in name. It is a brotherhood of Catholic men. Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism: the principles of the Knights of Columbus and the lessons taught in our degrees. It is in the understanding of these lessons we may know how to live up to them. The Knights of Columbus was founded so that men could work together to serve their parishes and communities, protect the well-being of their Catholic families, and support each other in faith and in many other ways along life’s journey.

Vivat Jesus ….. Jim

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