Please consider joining the Knights through our Sypreme Council Virtual Exemplifications.

Here is the link to register…copy and paste into your browser.


Just click on the the ceremony that fits your schedule and join in 5 minutes prior. The ceremony is one half hour long!!


Upcoming schedule for Virtual Ceremonies

  • Thursday, May 7
    6:00 am Central Daylight TimeĀ  (for night shift workers and early risers)
    1:00 pm Central Daylight Time
    6:00 pm Central Daylight Time
    9:00 pm Central Daylight Time


click here to request a major degree.

Click here to access the degree schedule.

To download a copy of the Degree schedule click here.

For 4th degree exemplification information click here.

Neighboring States

Please contact me by email for details.

Degree staff expenses

There has been some confusion about ceremonial staff expenses. To clarify:

  1. Admission (first degree) staff will normally be provided by the host district or council, but if a guest staff is requested, their expenses are the responsibility of the host district or council.
  2. Formation (second degree) staff will be assigned by me, but their expenses are the responsibility of the host district or council (but see Breaking News note above). Please have a check ready for them on the day of the degree.
  3. Knighthood (third degree) staff will be assigned by me, and their expenses will be covered by Supreme, but the host district or council is responsible for purchasing sufficient medallions prior to the degree, and making them available to the Conferring Officer.

Reporting a Single or Major Degree

Many thanks to all who participated in degrees in the 2018/2019 fraternal year.

According to Form-450s reported to me, we have recruited only about half of the new Knights reported to Supreme on Form-100s … indicating that only about 50% of first degrees are being reported! Please send a Form-450 to the State Deputy for EVERY first degree you hold … it’s easy to do online!

Click here to access the online version of Form 450.

Last year we held 49 “major” degrees for a total of 718 second/third degree candidates. Well done those who made an effort to “promote” their candidates to the higher degrees of the order, and an additional congratulations if you accompanied your candidates and observed the “new” third degree!!

Admission (1st) Degrees

Contact your District Deputy or Regional Membership Chairman for information.

If you wish to have your upcoming first degree posted here, please email details to me.



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