For members and candidates

If you are an online member or a member who has not advanced beyond 1st or 2nd degree, please consider registering for a 3rd Degree Exemplification.

Click here for more details

For Councils:

Consider running your own virtual 3rd Degree Ceremony using a meeting media.

Share your screen and play the following video.

3rd Degree Exemplification Video

Once the candidates have completed the video please get them the Rosary and Pin contained in the degree kit (Login to Officers Online/Supplies Online, search for “531” or “candidate”  and specify English, Spanish, or French).

3rd Degree Exemplification Video in Spanish

Consider putting a Council Team together for these ceremonies!!!

Click the following link to learn more!

Putting on the new 3rd Degree Exemplification

3rd Degree Exemplification Script


Click here to access the degree schedule.


For 4th degree exemplification information click here.

If there are NO virtual ceremonies in the registration form please contact me to schedule one.

Get together with your candidate(s) to agree on a date(s). This way our teams know that they have a candidate and are not giving up their time only to learn that there are no candidates.

The following days of the month are NOT available

1st and last Thursday

2nd Monday

Click here to register for a VIRTUAL 3rd Degree Exemplification





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