St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Gilbert, Mn degree

April 13, 2019 * 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
515 Summit St N, Gilbert, MN 55741, USA

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Gilbert, Mn

1st Degree at 9:00am

2nd Degree at 10:00am

3rd to follow thereafter

Candidates will enter from front steps of church. Go downstairs where registration will be. Candidates for Formation and Knighthood Degrees
will wait there in seating already set up. Admission Degree Candidates will be escorted around to south entry to the ante-chamber. Admission
Degree room is down hallway from ante-chamber. Formation Degree Team will be setting up their props while Admission Degree is happening.. Candidates for Formation Degree will be escorted to that prepared room after Admission Degree is completed.. Knighthood Degree will
take place in social hall. There is plenty of room for their props.

After completion of Major Degree, a light lunch will be served. Degree Teams
will enter from north entry with their props.

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