2020 State Free Throw Competition

March 28, 2020 * 8:15 am - 11:00 am
NEW Tech High School 4200 33rd Street South in St. Cloud

2020 Minnesota State Free Throw Contest Schedule

It is not too early to be planning your council free throw contests.  The key to any project is good communication.  This means you need to be working with the contest level coordinators both lower and higher than your contest.  For example, the district contest coordinator needs to work with his council free throw chairmen and the regional coordinator for his district.


The councils order their free throw kits (FT-KIT) from Supreme on the website.  They will get to you in about a week.  Everything in the kit can also be found on the Supreme website including the posters and official guide with the rules and many ideas on how to be successful including sample press releases so we can advertise our contests and results.  There are 75 entry forms in each kit and you can order more than one kit.  The Entry Form has a space for the e-mail address and the score sheet is on the back of the form.  I will continue to accept the old forms this year if you wish to use them.  Always remember to let schools and parents and audience know that it is the Knights of Columbus putting on the contest for their young people.


Eligibility for participation in the annual free throw competition is determined by the young person’s age as of January 1, 2020.  Boys and girls must meet the age requirements to participate at the council, district, regional, and state levels.  The participants must be between the ages of 9 and 14 years of age as per the table below.


Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2010 birthdates –  9 year olds                                 Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2007 birthdates – 12 year olds

Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2009 birthdates – 10 year olds                               Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2006 birthdates – 13 year olds

Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2008 birthdates – 11 year olds                               Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2005 birthdates – 14 year olds


Council Contests should be scheduled to be completed by January 31 or earlier as needed for the winners to compete in the District Contest.  I am OK if you want to hold your council contest in December if increases your participation.  Your District Deputy can help you locate your district contest.  The contestants only shoot 15 free throws unless you need a tie breaker or shoot out.  You do not need to have contestants or winners in all the age and gender groups.

If you have 10 kids compete in your council and they do their best and have fun that is a good contest and start for next year.  Parents are welcome to help but they are not to rebound or score for their own children.


The most successful councils are now working with their local schools to have the kids shoot either during the school day or immediately after school is over.  Many of the schools have faculty who have competed in the contest when they were kids who will support a contest.


There were still some districts that did not have any council free throw contests last year and if they want to combine all their councils this year and hold an overall district contest to get started again we can make that work but the long term goal is to have a contest for every council each year.  Every year I have parents call or send me a message to find a contest in their area and we find the local council does not hold a contest.  One parent’s response was, “Stinks that we miss out on it.”  My only recourse is to try to get them to their district contest since they by default are a council champion.


The council winners move on to the district competition or the runner up if the winner cannot make the district competition.  The Score Sheets are kept by the council and the winner and runner up score sheet must be either delivered or mailed to the district coordinator to arrive before the contest date.  Do not give them to the contestants or their parents.  Finally send two volunteers to the district competition to help and support your champions and pick up some new ideas.


BY JANUARY 31, send in your FT-1 Free Throw Participation Report Form to the Supreme Council of Fraternal Services and copy State Deputy Mark Peters and your District Deputy.  The form is in your kit or on the website.  If you held a District competition, split the contestants between your councils as best you can.


District Contests need to be completed by February 10 or in time for the regional contest (work with your regional coordinator).  The District Deputy and council holding the regional contest should contact all the councils in their district so they know the date and have their contests complete.  Winners are awarded medallions which are handed out at the mid-year meeting.  Score Sheets for 1st and 2nd place must be delivered to your Regional Contest Coordinator.  Send two volunteers to the Regional Contest to help out.

Regional Contests are being scheduled at this time.  They are to be completed no later than March 8.  The regional schedule will be posted on our State website or contact your District Deputy or call me.  The Regional Contest Coordinator should contact all the District Deputies or District coordinators so they know where to send the winning Score Sheets. The regional winners are awarded the trophies which are handed out at the mid-year meeting.  Completed Score Sheets for 1st – 3rd place must be delivered to Conrad Meier shortly after your regional contest but no later than March 15 so we can have the winners signed up for the State Contest.  I will follow up on the missing contestant information.  All the regional winners must contact me, the State Contest Chairman, preferably by e-mail or text message whether or not they will be attending the State Contest.  Include e-mail addresses for regional winners and runners-up as available.

The State Contest will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2020.  The tentative location is Cathedral High School in St. Cloud again but I am checking on some alternative sites due to construction on a new math and science building at Cathedral.  I plan to have the details and hotel arrangements ready for the State Council Mid-Year meeting.  Let me know if you want to volunteer to help at the state contest but please come and support your winners.


IMPORTANT:  Score Sheets must be completely filled out and legible.  This includes the council number and the contestant address, phone number, and e-mail addresses for the regional contest winners and runner ups.  The form needs to be signed off by a parent or guardian.  A copy of the birth certificate should be checked and signed off or sent with the form.


Conrad Meier, State Free Throw Contest Chairman

1430 Northway Place ~ St. Cloud, MN 56303

Cell phone:  320-260-6945 ~ E-mail: cmeier2@chartermi.net

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