Council Website Information

We would like to gather information on council website editors in order to assist them with whatever help or instruction that they might need.  Please fill out the form below so that we have contact information for them.  If you answer “no” to the question of having someone that can edit the website and you have someone that can take over editing the website, click here to have us set up a user name and password access for him.  At this time we do not have the capability of adding users to council websites, but we will have the ability to do so in the near future.  You can sign up now to get put on the waiting list.  If they have any questions, they can let us know via the Website Issues information block below.

Website Contacts

Form to let us know who is in charge of editing council websites.
Do you presently have someone that has access to edit your website? If yes, please give us their contact details.
Name of Person editing website
Describe any issues you might have that we can help you with.
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