20th Annual Culture of Life Banquet

MN KC Blog * Written by David Whatmuff

ProLife Across America (the billboard people) held their annual banquet on the evening of April 19th, at the Church of St John the Baptist in New Brighton.

Keynote speaker was Brother Sir Knight Archbishop Bernard Hebda, who spoke eloquently on the need to evangelize our “Culture of Life” message, as a “Culture of Love”, with our hearts synchronized with the Heart of Jesus. He said we should take the example of Our Lord, who demonstrated His love of mankind … not just those who loved Him, but also those who hated Him … even whilst in agony on the cross. He assured us that we could take heart from the miracle of the feeding of the 5000, where God takes the little we are able to provide, and multiplies it to nourish far more than we could alone.

Mary Ann Kuharski, the founder and President, spoke in glowing terms of always being grateful to the Knights for providing her with the “seed money” to fund the first billboards, and start the movement.

Members of your State Council were present to sponsor a table, as were members of Nazareth Council #4021.

Results for 2016 were announced:

  • Billboards placed: 7,500
  • Total states reached: 44 (plus DC)
  • Campuses featuring the new college kiosk ads: 11
  • Calls to the 1-800 Hotline for Help: 1699
  • Emails requesting help: 224
  • Website visitors: 125,944

ProLife Across America Website

Help line: (800)366-7773

Photos of the event

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