2023 State Soccer Challenge Results

Here are the winners of the 2023 State Soccer Challenge:

Girls 9, Claire Tupy, Lonsdale, MN Score 115

Boys 9: Milo Klein, Waconia, MN Score 165


Girls 10, Nora Hinkle, New Ulm, Score 190

Boys 10, Morgan Swanson, Watertown, MN, Score 200


Girls 11, None

Boys 11, Beckett Seubert, Maple Grove, Score 215


Girls 12, None

Boys 12, Carter McAllister, Lonsdale, MN Score 145


Girls 13, Guiliana St. John, Lonsdale, MN Score 135

Boys 13, Nate Beulmann, St. Michael, Score 170


Girls 14, None

Boys 14, Liam Anderson, Lonsdale, MN Score 175

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