2023 Mid-Year Meeting

-The 2023 Mid-Year District Deputy meeting is now history.  All in all it was a good weekend to gather information and take that information back to councils and spread the word.

The ladies on Saturday afternoon were tying blankets to be given to veterans in facilities across the state of Minnesota.  All the fabric was provided and was funded from a generous donation. They had a good time tying the blankets and enjoying pleasant conversation.  Pictures of this event are just below.

All of the power point presentations can be found on this page to those of you that wanted copies.  There will be pictures from the weekend added in the near future as well.

Power Points

Membership – Josh Phinney/Michael Bass Smith

Programs – Randy Balausky

Ceremonials – Don Trudeau

Council Incentives – Ray Lopez

2026 US Games – Bou Gazley

2024 MN State Convention – Jesse Kosloski

District Deputy Check In – Ray Lopez

Online Membership Application – Ray Lopez


Elevate Life Video & Pictures from the Weekend

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