2020 Organizational Meeting

The 2020 Organizational Meeting was kicked off on Friday June 26th with an Installation Mass for the State Officers and new District Deputies, then the general meeting on Saturday June 27th, and for the first time it was live streamed on the internet for those that didn’t feel comfortable attending in person because of Covid-19.

A link to the complete recording of the 6 hours of presentations may be found on the right of this page, along with links to the prerecorded videos provided by Supreme.

For those wishing to find a specific live presentation in the recording, here is a list along with the approximate time to locate each one:

Time (h:m) Presentation Presenter
0:03 Opening Prayer State Chaplain Fr. Gabriel Walz
0:05 Welcome State Deputy Dave Whatmuff
0:09 State Chaplain Address State Chaplain Fr. Gabriel Walz
0:48 State Deputy Address State Deputy Dave Whatmuff
1:36 Regional Growth Director Address RGD Joe Ramirez
1:46 CSCOE Introduction CSCOE VP Mike Halloran
1:58 Installation of DD Tim Kummet State Deputy Dave Whatmuff
3:05 State Membership Presentation SMD Patrick Farrelly
3:44 State Program Presentation SPD Joe George
4:23 General Agents Report GAs David Goedtke, Joe Caouette, Lloyd Cybart
6:02 Ceremonials Report Ceremonials Director Don Trudeau
6:11 District Master Report District Marshall Bob Hurd
6:19 State Training State Training Chairman Phil Harter
Public Relations State PR Chairman Jeremy Hadash
6:30 Closing Remarks State Deputy Dave Whatmuff
Closing Prayer Associate State Chaplain Fr Marty
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